4 Motivational Tips to Help You Lose Weight Fast And Maintain It

Tue, Oct 30, 2012

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4 Motivational Tips to Help You Lose Weight Fast And Maintain It

Are you starving for motivational tips to keep the weight off? Changing your eating habits and keeping weight off for good can be challenging in a world of temptations. You are likely surrounded with tempting, low-energy food choices at every turn.
It’s never too far to the next fast food restaurant or ice cream shop so you better have your motivating factors in place as you intend to remain lean and mean.

Build a positive support system around you. You will need inspiration from your friends at times when things get difficult. Study success stories. Observing people who last massive amounts of weight, and kept it off, can help you to do the same thing. Make personal development a big part of your life. Spend 1 hour or more daily engaged in self help, meditating, visualizing and affirming your way to permanent weight loss.

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If you want to lose weight follow these 4 simple steps!

1. Surround Yourself with Positive People

You are heavily influenced by your friends. If your friends are positive, and uplift you persistently, you can expect to keep your weight off even if temptations arise.Almost all weight loss successes surrounded themselves with a positive support system. You need accountability partners too. These people are high energy individuals who gladly let you know when you are on track and when you are screwing up. The truth can hurt, but it helps you to keep the weight off.Low energy, negative people give up in any venture at the drop of a hat. Lose these energy vampires quickly, for they will be poor company for an individual who wishes to shed weight permanently.

2. Study Inspirational People Who Lost Weight for Good

Observe people who lost large amounts of weight and kept it off for good. These individuals set a precedent for everybody who follows.
You might feel lacking in motivation and want to scarf down a few pieces of chocolate cake late at night. But instead of chowing down on the confectionary delight, adding inches to your tummy, you remember that person who is your role model. The person who was disciplined enough to shed a large amount of weight, and who continues to remain lean and mean.

These people can help you stay motivated when temptations arise. You will feel great by dwelling on these folks, and if you feel an urge to go overboard in the cheating department, the twinge of guilt which arises, thinking about these people and their will power, can motivate you to put down the candy bar immediately.

3. Cheat Meal

That being said, you are not a machine. Eat a light cheat meal one day per week to remain motivated by indulging once in a while. This simple act can help prevent a carbohydrate binge which totally undermines your weight loss efforts.The goal is not to starve or deprive yourself. This usually leads to a counterproductive binge some weeks down the road. Remain disciplined all week then have a cheat meal, perhaps on a Friday or Saturday night.

A cheat meal does not mean eating 7 slices of pizza or downing a pitcher of beer. It does mean taking in 2 or 3 slices of pizza and maybe a soda. Or perhaps you can have a banana split for dessert. The idea is to savor the taste of your favorite foods without binging like a wild animal. This helps to keep you motivated from a high energy place, moving away from the total deprivation mindset which often leads to diet failure.

4. Personal Development

Spend at least 1 hour each day working on your mental tools. Engaging in personal develop helps keep you motivated. You can tap into your will power with greater ease, gain inspiration quickly and make healthy eating a normal part of your life by choosing to meditate, visualize and affirm daily.Play inspirational CDs in your car. Read inspirational books. Fill your mind with positive imagery. You can’t help but to make high energy choices which keep you motivated to shed your excess weight for good.Remember, the outside world mirrors the inner world. If you intend to keep weight off in the outside world you need to hone your mental tools, to make the right choices which promote your healthy living.

Use these tips to remain motivated to lose weight permanently.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who specializes in health and wellness content. If you are looking for a structured commercial weight loss program, check out Nutrisystem savings discounts and coupons. She writes frequently on weight loss and healthy eating habits and is a frequent contributor to TomCorsonKnowles as well as numerous other health blogs. She is passionate about personal development and healthy living and is glad to have the opportunity to share information that will help others live a healthier life.

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