6 Ways How Stress Affect Our Health

Mon, Jan 14, 2013


6 Ways How Stress Affect Our Health

imagesStress is a condition where in your body systems are very low and you are weak physically, emotionally and mentally. It can affect our body and mind negatively and might lead to a more serious condition. We should be aware that there are two kinds of stress; the helpful stress which is very useful for us to perform our daily activities and the harmful stress which is the most common for us. This harmful stress usually can lead to chronic health conditions.

Researchers have discovered that stress is mostly the reason why:

  • 45% men and women experience health conditions
  • 80% of patients visit clinics

Here are the 6 ways how stress affects our health:

  1. Stress can lead to depression. It is healthy if we experience stress once in a while because it makes our life balanced. We need it sometimes in order to be a whole person because if our life is full of positive things, life would be boring and plain. However, we should also make sure that stress should not be worsened because it can fall into depression.
  2. Stress can lead to anxiety. There may some people who cannot handle stress and it ay fall to anxiety and it is a very difficult situation. Actually anxiety may occur together with depression and it may disrupt your everyday activities and schedule, mood and even your relationship with others.
  3. Stress may lead to cardiovascular and heart diseases. Stress may lead to heart attacks and heart diseases most especially when you cannot handle it very well.
  4. Stress may be linked to chronic diseases such as diabetes. Physical and mental stress can increase our sugar level and long term diabetes may lead to blindness, kidney diseases and liver problems.      
  5. Hair loss and dandruff. The hair loss is not primarily the result of genetics but it is one of the effects of stress in our body.
  6. Obesity. If we are stressed, we tend to binge eating so that we could cope up with our tired body. So, usually stress people are usually overweight and obese.
  7. It will make you look old. Being stressed may affect your skin and the way you look that is why if you are always a stress, you tend to look older than your age and it is not a good outcome. So, as much as possible smile always and don’t let bad things get into you because it will just give you bad vibes and it will affect your mood and how you treat everybody as well.

Now, you know the effect of stress in our body and it is more on the negative. So, I hope you would deal life in a more positive way and don’t dwell much on the bad situations. I hope this article would help you realize that being stressful all the time will not give you any positive. It is normal to have stress as long as you deal it in a good way.


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