Amazing Health Benefits of Dark Chocolates

Sun, Dec 23, 2012


We all love chocolates but then, we should eat it in moderation because it is very fattening and it is high in sugar that could lead us to certain diseases. But then, in this article it shows the health benefits of dark chocolates that we should all be aware of.


  • Dark Chocolates stimulates our happy hormone

Eating chocolates particularly dark chocolates can stimulate our happy hormones such as endorphins. This will contribute to our happiness, excitement, being joyful and jolly. It can prevent our stubborn feeling, disappointments and negative vibes. Overall, it makes us feel good all the time.

  • It prevents depression

It is actually weird how dark chocolates can prevent depression but this is absolutely true because it contains serotonin which is a natural anti-depressant. This is mainly why chocolates have been considered as one of the break-up foods and comfort foods to almost everybody.

  • Helps lower down cholesterol

Having a high cholesterol can be life threatening and eating chocolates can help it lower it down. So, eating a small bar of dark chocolate a day can help reduce high blood pressure

  • It has antioxidant properties

Dark chocolates have high antioxidant properties which can help avoid free radicals which are very harmful to the body. Antioxidants can also help strengthen our immune system which is important in fighting off infections.

  • It helps aid relaxation

Dark chocolates can help aid in relaxation because of the chocolate flavonoids content. It can also help in the lowering of the blood pressure because all the system is relaxed.  Dark chocolates can also help all the hormones to be balanced.

  • Acts as natural stimulant

Like tea, dark chocolates also act as a natural stimulants because of the threobromine content.

  • It can be be consumed in different forms

What is good about chocolates is that it can be consumed in different forms. It can be used as a dessert, can be paired when you have a glass of wine, you can melt it down and have a delicious dip, can use a chocolate drink and much more.

It is just up to you on how you can eat your chocolates. You can also share it with your family members at home while watching your favorite movie. You can also add it to your oatmeal for a new twist and taste.

  • It tastes good.

The last and most amazing benefit of chocolate is the taste. I don’t know a person who does not love chocolates. Almost everybody loves it. It seems that it gives pleasure to our tongue.

I hope these benefits are helpful to you. Let us remove the notion that chocolates are bad, we should just consume it in moderation. Share these tips also with your families and friends so that they may be aware of the benefits of eating dark chocolates.

This season of love, a dark chocolate may be perfect to give to your loved ones.

” Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.”



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