Anti-Aging From the Inside Out with Good Nutrition

Wed, May 2, 2012

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Anti-Aging From the Inside Out with Good Nutrition

Did you know that the foods you eat not only make a difference on the inside of your body, but they also effect what you see on the outside of your body?

Poor nutrition can lead to an older appearance, stringy hair, unhealthy skin and other visible problems, including obesity. Inside, poor nutrition can lead to heart disease, cancer, diabetes and death.

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Nutrition is the best way to stop aging – from the inside out.

We’ve all heard the phrase “you are what you eat.” What if that’s true? New research is showing that it is!

Harm From the Inside

The main thing that is aging us, and killing us, from the inside out are free radicals. Free radicals cause cancer and aging. Ever notice a person that looks young age quickly when they get sick? The immune system takes a toll when trying to fight off illness and free radicals, which shows outwardly. Sickness makes your skin pale and saggy, it may give you yellowing and age spots, it can cause your whole outward appearance to go downhill in a very short time.

Fighting Free Radicals

The best way to fight free radicals is to eat foods rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are mainly found in fruits, like citrus and berries and green leafy vegetables. Antioxidants are powerful vitamins and nutrients your body need for optimal health and a strong immune system.

Vitamin C

Eating foods rich in vitamin C, like tomatoes and oranges, helps reduce wrinkles. Wrinkles are a major sign of aging.


This nutrient also helps fight wrinkles, as well as dry skin. You knew carrots would help your eye sight, but did you know they were helping your skin keeps it’s healthy glow?

Note: Studies have shown that taking a beta-carotene supplement can actually harm your health so stay away from isolated and fragmented vitamin supplements and go for a whole food supplement instead!

Vitamin E

This vitamin also helps keep skin looking healthy, from the inside out, while it keeps your heart healthy. Vitamin E is found in healthy oils and nuts.


Zinc is found in leafy green vegetables, like kale and spinach. They can help keep you standing up straight! Nothing ages a person more than slouching.


This nutrient is also important for bone and muscle health and is best if found in non-animal sources, like broccoli. Strong muscles mean strong and resilient skin.

B Vitamins

In order to stay young you need to think young too. Get lots of B vitamins to keep your mind young and healthy, and to help keep your energy up. Where can you find the B vitamins? They are in leafy greens, bananas, beans and more!

Looking Good on the Outside

Healthy insides reflect to a healthy looking outside. This means you need to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and you should drink plenty of water. It’s best to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, 8 ounces per glass.

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Remember it’s possible to slow down aging with good nutrition!

Avoid GMO and processed foods. Stay low on sodium (salt) intake and avoid things with added sugar, like soda and junk foods.

Fighting Obesity

Obesity isn’t just an adult problem, it’s a child problem too. Obesity causes more healthy issues than just being fat. Eat healthy, cut portions and pass on fast food every chance you get. When you fight obesity you’ll be healthy on the inside and the outside and you’ll be a great role model for children!

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