Be Very Healthy by Eating Berries

Wed, Nov 14, 2012

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eat berries and be healthy

Their attractive colors offer an attractive effect on us as well.

Aside from its good taste and abundant color, berries also proven that it could be part of everyone’s diet since it could maintain our weight. Berries have its natural sugar which makes it a low calorie fruit.

Aside from weight management, berries are packed with numerous vitamins and nutrients that could aid in our health system. It also provides antioxidants which could eliminate free radicals in our body that could give us a healthier look.

Here are other benefits we could get from berries:

Strawberries: Study shows that this fruit could decrease the occurrence of cancer, therefore, it could decrease mortality rates as well.  It is also filled with numerous vitamins such as vitamin C which could strengthen our immune system. Therefore, if we have a good immune system, we are not prone anymore to acquire illnesses.

This fruit is also abundant in calcium which helps in strengthening our bones and teeth. That is why older people are required to eat this fruit to prevent osteoporosis.

Blackberries: Blackberries could also aid in weight loss and management since it is low in sodium and saturated fat. Since it is low in fat, it can help occurrence of stroke, hypertension and cardiovascular illness. It is also rich in fiber which help us regulate our bowel movement.

This fruit can be used to treat gout and gouty disorders that is why it is called the “gout-berry”.

Raspberries: Everyone loves raspberry! Aside from its great taste, it is also packed with nutrients that could help fight off diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

One unique content of this fruit is Iron which help gives oxygen to our blood. More oxygen to our blood could contribute to a good circulation into our system.

Blueberries: Of all berry fruits, blueberries are considered as number 1 in antioxidant properties.  Aside from that, it is also has a natural antibiotic effect that could treat infections caused by microorganisms called bacteria.

Cranberries: Cranberries are rich in collagen which aid in the delay of the aging process.  So as a result, it could give us healthier and younger looking skin.

Goji Berries:  Others are not that familiar with Goji berries but this fruit is very good tasting plus it gives numerous benefits such as,  it offers healing effect and it is rich in antioxidants.  This fruit also helps secretes our youth hormone which helps in improving our memory and helping achieve a younger look.

We could often see berries in the groceries but sometimes we tend to choose unhealthy foods over these. In this article, we are now guided by its various benefits that are very beneficial to us and in our health.

So now, we should get off our bad and unhealthy choice of foods but instead we should give importance to these fruits because it offers effects that are good and best for us. If we just include these in our daily diet, we could avoid problems in the future most especially health concerns.



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