Causes why most diets don’t really work

Sun, Nov 25, 2012

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Causes why most diets don’t really work
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Some people are willing to pay the price and it’s the same with staying healthy or eating healthy. There’s some discipline involved. There’s some sacrifices.

Do you ever wonder why some people don’t lose weight even though they are on a diet? Some also jumps from one program to another in order for them to achieve their goal weight. But unfortunately, some don’t ever succeed because maybe of some reasons. These reasons should everybody be aware and here are those:

  • Hectic Lifestyle/ Busy Schedule

In todays busy lifestyle wherein everybody is a multi-tasker, there is no enough time already for regular exercise, planning for a daily diet and watching the calories. Most especially for office people, busy businessmen and businesswomen and students. Even though how they try to make everything possible to make their diet a success, they cannot.  Because of the fast pace of their life, they have no time to prepare their food or choose healthy food but to eat what is just available to satisfy their hunger. But the worse part is, the most convenient foods are  fast foods which are high in calories which will lead to weight gain.

Through pressure they get from work, they tend to binge eat to release the stress and anxiety. They don’t even have time to exercise because after work, they were tired already and the time for exercise will just use them for sleeping and resting for tomorrow’s work.

  • Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal Imbalances are on the female’s side. It happens when there is an increase or a decrease on a certain hormone that will lead to weight gain. One example of which is polycystic ovary. In this condition, it is usually treated with Oral Contraceptive Pills and one major side effect is increased in appetite that will lead to weight gain.

  • Personalized diet should be considered

They say, diet is also like clothes because it should be tailored to you.

 One reason also that a certain diet don’t work because they don’t consider their certain blood type. We should be aware that all our blood types have a great factor in choosing a certain diet because if you will not follow it, your diet will also be useless.

For example, patients who are type O should be meat eaters because their body could function well on a high protein diet.

  • Lose weight at your own pace

Always remember that when you want to lose weight, start gradually and never too drastic and abrupt because it has a negative effect on your body that will make you crave more thus, it will lead again to weight gain.

And also, don’t ever skip meals and starve yourself because it will make you crave and binge a lot that will destroy your meal plan. So, whenever you just on a diet take one day at a time in order for your body to cope up.

I hope these causes did help you a lot because whenever when you are on a diet, there are factors that should be considered. Losing weight and being health conscious is not bad, however we should weight things in order for the our well being.

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