David Beckham’s Workout and Diet Plan Inside Secrets

Tue, Oct 2, 2012

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David Beckham’s Workout and Diet Plan Inside Secrets

One of the fittest men in the world is David Beckham, the soccer superstar of the LA Galaxy. Originally from the UK, this amazing athletic specimen follows an intense workout routine in addition to playing soccer, which by itself is a phenomenal way to get in shape (thanks to it’s combination of sprinting and running).

When he’s not practicing or playing on the field, David’s workout routine is definitely not for the faint of heart. Following a routine was developed by Chris Neville, fitness coach for the LA Galaxy, David does a combination of body weight circuit training, conditioning and endurance training at high-intensity intervals along with a simple yet effective diet.

David Beckham picture

David Beckham shows off his six pack abs during a soccer match

Here’s how David Beckham maintains one of the most impressive bodies in the world.

David Beckham Workout

David prefers total body routines, versus focusing on one body part, to get the lean, muscular look he‘s known for. And he also performs compound movements rather than isolation exercises for the same reason. To get one of the most intense workouts you can give your body, David will focus his workouts on his maximum heart rate, and will do high-intensity interval workouts in accordance with them.

For example, here is a typical cardio session for David: He will run 5 minutes at 85% of his maximum heart rate, rest 4 minutes, then he’ll do it again two more times for a total of three sets. And to change up his cardio routine, on other days he’ll do 15 1 minute runs at 95% of his maximum heart rate, resting only 1 minute between each interval, as well as 60-yard turnarounds (sprint 60 yards, turnaround and sprint back) in 8-10 sets, with a 1 minute rest between each one.

David Beckham Workout picture

David Beckham working out.

David Beckham also performs plyomtrics training exercises to increase his speed and quickness, and HE’ll do strength training as well, but only using minimal weights so he doesn’t bulk up too much.

David Beckham’s Diet

While David definitely works out enough, he also needs to keep his diet in-check to keep his body at the pro-level he needs it to be. David is a big fan of complex carbs to give him the energy he needs for his games. Some of these carbs include orange cabbage, soybeans, cauliflower and spinach. He also avoids carbs that have a high glycemic index, like white bread, white rice and corn flakes.

David also makes sure to eat plenty of green leafy vegetables so he gets the necessary minerals and vitamins, and as well as lots of fresh fruit, for the antioxidants he needs, as well as additional vitamins and minerals.

As for protein, David consumes plenty of lean protein (usually chicken) to help his muscles repair themselves and to maintain his lean muscular structure. He’s also a big fan of fish, which helps his body lose body fat at the same time maintain the muscle growth level he needs to stay competitive.

David Beckham diet picture

David Beckham keeps a strict diet to stay lean and muscular.

As for the fat he consumes, David lots of healthy fats, such as frozen yogurt and olive oil, to help him reach maximum performance. And he eat healthy snacks throughout the day instead of eating three big meals each day, including plenty of nuts. In a typical day, here are some of the foods David will consume: For breakfast, he likes a cheese and tomato omelet, for lunch he likes fish fingers and for dinner, one of his favorite dishes is pasta Bolognese.

By combining high intensity interval workouts with a diet that follows basic healthy eating principles, David Beckham is able to remain one of the most in-shape men in the world.

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