Do You Know a Picky Eater?

Sun, Jan 26, 2014


Do You Know a Picky Eater?

It is hard to get many children to try a new fruit or vegetable.  I met one grandma who told me she was particularly concerned that one of her grandchildren would not taste vegetables at all!

I suggested that she take her grandchild to the store and help the child pick out a vegetable, perhaps a red pepper, that she knows will taste great.  Next, that she bring it home and then cut it into small pieces to share.  The child will be more likely to taste the vegetable, having been involved in the purchasing process.

Picky Eater

In my book, Sammy the Centipede Goes to the Market, a rainbow colored centipede with fifteen pairs of legs who wears tennis shoes is having trouble with his sections becoming too large in places.  He takes a trip to the dietitian who recommends that he shop using the colors of the rainbow to get the healthy food he needs.  The book is a guide for children to healthy eating.  There are recipes in the back for children and their parents to do together.

The book was reviewed by experts who loved the concept of teaching children how to shop for healthy food and getting them involved with the preparation.  Their reviews are included in the book as well.

About the Author:

Maria Luchsinger is a teacher and literacy advocate who is writing the Sammy the Centipede books on wellness topics for children. For more information please visit

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