Does Jessica Simpson’s Cookie Diet Really Work?

Does Jessica Simpson’s Cookie Diet Really Work?

How does eating cookies all day to lose weight sound?

And we’re talking about good cookies too – chocolate brownie, oatmeal raisin, blueberry, banana, cinnamon oatmeal. It’s no wonder Jessica Simpson, and other celebs like Guy Ritchie, Howard stern, Denise Richards, Hulk Hogan and Kelly Clarkson have all seen awesome results with the Cookie Diet, created by Dr. Siegal in 1973.

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss picture

Jessica Simpson says the cookie diet helped her lose weight.

It’s interesting. For years, the Cookie Diet was only available directly from Dr. Siegal himself (in his clinic in Miami), but in 2009, he finally decided to create, bringing his diet (and it’s very secretive formula cookies) to the masses. To date, over 500,000 people claim to have lost weight on this fun-inspired diet.

While the Cookie Diet is recommended as a short-term diet, the results cannot be denied. Here’s what you need to know about the Cookie Diet – how it works and how to do it.

What Is The Cookie Diet?

Don’t let the word “cookie” fool you. Yes you eat cookies all day (almost), but they must be purchased from one of Dr. Siegal’s companies, as they’re not your typical cookie. They contain a specific amount of calories, protein (taken from meat, eggs and milk, helping you stay full), minerals and vitamins to stay healthy, a plant-based fiber that bulks up when you drink water and a special amino acid formula (known only to Dr. Siegal and his wife;) that also helps curb hunger.

It shouldn’t be all that surprising this diet works when you look at the lowered amount of calories consumed (especially compared to other diets). This diet has you eat only six or nine cookies a day, with each cookie containing a small amount of calories (60 or 90 calories), and then you also eat one “regular meal” each day, which has 500-700 calories.

Since 800 to 1200 calories are consumed on this diet at the end of each day (depending on the version of the diet you choose), losing weight occurs quick. Celebs lose anywhere from ½ lb. to 2 pounds each week when they try it (with the diet claiming you’ll lose up to 15 lbs/month). Also, since the cookies contain three methods of suppressing hunger (extra protein, plant-fiber and amino acids) many say this is one of the main reasons the Cookie Diet is successful for so many.

Jessica Simpson’s Cookie Diet Plan

If you want to try the Cookie Diet for yourself, you’ll have to purchase the cookies from, or from a health food store near you that carries the cookies. The website offers monthly kits, weekly kits or boxes of the cookies themselves once you’ve figured out your routine. And you’ll also have to decide between doing the classic version of the diet or their new Plan 10X version.

Jesssica Simpson Workout picture

Working out also played a key role in helping Jessica Simpson lose weight.

The classic version allows you to eat six 90-calorie cookies each day whenever you would like (and then finishing your day with a small meal). The new Plan 10x has you eat nine 60-Cal cookies each day, but on a set schedule (every 2 hours once get up). And then at the end of each day, each version of the diet has you eat a sensible meal (prepared by yourself) that is between 500 to 700 calories.

The meal recommended is 6 ounces of some kind of protein, chicken, turkey or seafood (red meat is discouraged), as well as 1 cup of vegetables. Also, dieters should consume eight glasses of liquid a day (water, coffee or tea).

Celebs love an easy diet that tastes good and works. It’s no wonder the Cookie Diet is so popular in Hollywood.

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