Eva Longoria’s Kinesiology Diet and Workout Plan

Eva Longoria’s Kinesiology Diet and Workout Plan

Long before she was famous, Eva received a degree in Kinesiology from Texas A&M and was a personal trainer where she doled out fitness and diet advice to some very lucky patrons. Toned muscles and studying the way the body moves is the science behind Kinesiology, and this is exactly how Eva Longoria has been able to keep her body in such pristine shape through the years.

Now a top actress in Hollywood, she’s using everything she learned while studying for her degree as her secret behind her continually amazing body. Here is exactly how this 38 year old Desperate Housewives star uses Kinesiology as the base of her successful diet.

Eva Longoria Workout picture

Eva Longoria is all about fitness and works out regularly!

Eva Longoria’s Workout

To keep her 5’2 frame lean and toned, Eva does a variety of exercises and uses a personal trainer, even though she was a personal trainer herself, to keep herself motivated. She makes sure she works out at least three times a week and for at least 1 hour at a time.

When Eva works out, she starts out with 10 minutes of intense cardio, usually on a treadmill or on a stationary bike. After that, she does several intense strength workouts that can include up to 25 to 30 total-body workouts at a time. Some of these workouts include lunches with torso twists, one leg squats and clean and presses, which help firm up her butt muscles. She’s also a big fan of doing shoulder presses and pushups, and she makes sure she rests 30 to 45 seconds between each set.

Eva Longoria Diet picture

Eva Longoria eats lots of fruits and vegetables to keep lean.

Eva is known for her toned, sleek arms as well and she does several workouts to keep them in camera-ready shape, including bicep curls, preacher curls, triceps dip and triceps kickbacks.  And to make sure she doesn’t get bored with her workout routine, she’ll add kickboxing, hiking, running and yoga to her routine to make sure all of her muscles get used by the different motions.

Eva’s Diet

Kinesiology is definitely not rocket science. It supports healthy eating by recommending all the basic eating rules that are widely known, only Eva is able to follow them because she actually enjoys it. The main components of her diet include protein, and fresh vegetables and fruit. She has no problem eating a steak, but she’ll usually eat fish or some kind of lean protein.

Some of her favorite vegetables include spinach, brussels sprouts and she’s a huge fan of yogurt and nuts.  She also stays slim by cutting back on her carbohydrate intake, and as a general rule does not eat any fast food, but does allow herself to have some cheat days (she loves pizza and will eat it once a week).

Another important thing that Eva does is prepare and cook her meals at home, which helps her enjoy the process of creating and eating healthy food. She frequently cooks Mexican at home, including her favorite – homemade tortilla soup.  A typical breakfast for Eva will include egg whites and fresh fruit. For lunch, more protein like turkey or chicken and a salad or steamed vegetables.

Eva Longoria picture

Eva keeps looking young by eating healthy and sticking to her workout plan.

And for dinner, she’ll eat a main protein source as well, such as fresh salmon, and will eat it with some kind of fresh vegetable, such as steamed asparagus. When she gets hungry during the day, she’s also smart about how she snacks, and reaches for vanilla yogurt, cucumber slices with lemon juice or apple slices with cheese or dipped in peanut butter to curb her hunger.

Whenever you make the science of exercise your full-time job, even if you leave it for green pastures, it will stick with you for a lifetime, and this is exactly the case with Eva Longoria.

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