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Fruit and Vegetable Juice Powder Supplement

There is an amazing whole food based nutrition, including juice powder concentrates from 17 different fruits, vegetables and grains. Each fruit and vegetable is specially selected to provide you with a wide range of nutritional benefits. These fruit and vegetable powder capsules are made from fresh, high quality fruits and vegetables, and each batch is carefully tested to ensure that no pesticides or other contaminants affect the natural purity of the product.

There is also a berry juice powder concentrate which provides added nutrition from Concord grapes and a wide variety of berries  – including blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, bilberries, and elderberries – that provide some of nature’s most powerful and healthful antioxidants, in convenient capsule form or soft chewable form.

“If you went to your physician and he/she wrote you a prescription for a drug that could deliver key Antioxidants & Phytonutrients to your body, reduce Oxidative Stress, reduce bio-markers of Systemic Inflammation, help support your Immune System, help protect your DNA , help support Cardiovascular wellness, and support healthy Gums & Skin – Would you get that prescription filled for $1.39 a day?” – Pharmacist Rhonda Brown

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Breathslim Oxygen Diet Program

The Breathslim is an awesome device and training program that helps you master deep breathing techniques to get your body into a relaxed state where your parasympathetic nervous system kicks in, removing stress, anxiety, tension and bad hormones that can make you gain weight.

Using the Breathslim, you can get thinner naturally using ancient breathing techniques for the modern age. Watch the video below for more info.

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BioLumina Spirulina

Spirulina is a great way to add more nutrition to your diet and help your body eliminate toxins, heavy metals and radiation. Learn more here.

Dr. Corson’s Top 5 Nutrition Tips Report

Dr. Corson’s Top 5 Nutrition Tips Report normally sells for $17 but for a limited time you can get it on for just 99 cents!

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Dr. Corson’s “SpeedHealth” Home Study Nutrition Course ($497)

In Dr. Corson’s new SpeedHealth home study nutrition course, you’ll get access to 4 recorded 1-hour teleseminars with Dr. Corson where she gives her top nutrition secrets for long-lasting health and vitality.

In Module 1, Dr. Corson reveals the keys to looking younger, feeling better and living longer.


Module 1 is all about antioxidants! What they are, where they come from, and why they’re so important for human health.

Have you heard of free radicals before? Free radicals are unstable molecules that damage every molecule they run into inside your  body. When free radicals damage your DNA, it can cause mutations which could eventually lead to cancers. When free radicals damage the lining of your blood vessels, it can cause atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and eventually heart disease. When free radicals damage the collagen in your skin, it can cause wrinkles and fine lines to develop over time.

Your body has a natural defense against these free radicals! This defense system is your body’s natural antioxidant system. The problem is this – your body can only manufacture a small amount of defensive antioxidants. The rest your must eat from your diet! The best way to get these antioxidants is from fresh, raw, organic, vine-ripened fruits, vegetables and berries.

One apple, for instance, has over 10,000 phytonutrients (antioxidants) in it! And what we know from scientific research is that your body does better with all those tens of thousands of antioxidants than with just a handful of man-made, mega-dose vitamin supplements. That’s why every cancer society in the world recommends eating more fruits and vegetables (and don’t recommend taking vitamin supplements to prevent cancer).

Dr. Corson explains all this in elegant detail and much more in this ground-breaking 1-hour module on antioxidants. She also reveals her top secrets for sneaking more antioxidant-rich foods in her diet and her family’s diet through some very creative means:


“Super Salad lunches”

“Fruit And Vegetable Supplements”

…and much more!

Dr. Corson’s 99 Quick and Healthy Recipe eBook ($19)

P.S. Want to get healthy, fit and lose weight? Not sure what to do or who to trust?

If so, click here to grab your free copy of Dr. Corson's Top 5 Nutrition Tips right now.

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