BioLumina Spirulina Review

Spirulina is a superfood loaded with incredibly powerful vitamins, minerals antioxidants, enzymes and phytonutrients like phycocyanin, a super-powerful antioxidant which gives spirulina it’s blue color. In fact, pure phycocyanin is a beautiful deep blue color. Here’s a picture of pure phycocyanin in water.

picture of Pure Phycocyanin From BioLumina Spirulina

Pure phycocyanin at sunset on the beach - so beautiful!

Most spirulina powders on the market contain 10% phycocyanin or less but BioLumina Spirulina has over a 20% phycocyanin content due to its high quality spirulina and the nutritious medium its grown in in California. You will notice when your order your BioLumina Spirulina that it’s much darker blue than other spirulinas you may have seen before – this is due to the high phycocyanin content.

What Makes BioLumina Spirulina Different?

BioLumina Spirulina is different from other spirulinas on the market not only because of its very high phycocyanin content but also because of the Quantum Techologies used in the processing of the spirulina. Every batch of BioLumina Spirulina is infused with natural life force energy from the quantum field using several powerful energy medicine technologies that help enhance the healing powers of each batch of spirulina.

BioLumina Spirulina Is Better than Organic

We all know organic food is better than conventionally grown produce – because who wants to eat food loaded with herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals? Spirulina, however, is not grown in soil – it’s grown in water. And there are some unique regulations that make farming spirulina organically a bit of a problem (and not so good for you!).

picture of BioLumina Spirulina

BioLumina Spirulina - the highest quality spirulina on the market!

There are no pesticides, GMO ingredients or artificial ingredients at all used in any step of the process of creating BioLumina spirulina. There is only one ingredient used in BioLumina which makes it not labeled as USDA Organic – that ingredient is Chilean Nitrate. Chilean Nitrate was banned for use in organic agriculture because it had some bad side effects when used in soil. However, spirulina is grown in water – not soil – so these side effects are completely avoided.

Furthermore, the “organic” replacements for Chilean Nitrate are not so healthy and include using ground parts of animals to replace the nitrogen content instead of Chilean Nitrate. We believe using animal products in spirulina production can cause many problems including adding bacteria and viruses to the water as well as potential GMO contamination as most livestock (and even fish now!) are fed GMO corn.

The only way to keep spirulina safe from the contamination of these meat parts is to sterilize it by cooking it – which just so happens to kill the spirulina and damage many of the fragile nutrients and antioxidants. We prefer to prepare our spirulina raw, free of all GMO products and free of ground up pieces of meat – don’t you?

How BioLumina Is Dried

According to the BioLumina website,

“BioLumina is dried using the very best method: low temperature air drying. It is actually alive and in a dormant state! This is a natural part of it’s life cycle and it means that when you eat BioLumina, you are eating a live food. You can easily tell the difference between Natural and Organic just by the scent. The “organic” Spirulina does not smell nearly as good as the Natural kind.

Another issue with this method of growing is the issue of animal feed. The animal products utilized in the growing of Organic Spirulina are ever more likely to be fed Genetically Modified animal feed (GMO) as this practice is unfortunately spreading. Thus, as a company, we at New Phoenix Rising feel that Natural in this case is far superior to “Organic.”

Buy BioLumina Spirulina

If you are ready to order BioLumina Spirulina, you can do so on the website here.

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If you’d prefer to order over the phone, you can call 302-489-9234 and leave a message.

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