Dr. Corson’s 99 Quick and Healthy Recipe eBook

We’re working hard on finishing Dr. Corson’s 99 Quick and Healthy Recipe eBook and it will be available soon. Check back in a few weeks for more details!

Dr. Corson’s 99 Quick and Healthy Recipe Book is perfect for anyone who just doesn’t have time to cook healthy. These quick, simple and delicious recipes can all be whipped up in a matter of minutes.

These recipes are designed for the busy cook who just can’t spend hours in the kitchen. Now that you have these quick and healthy recipes, it’s no  problem!

What’ kind of recipes are included in the book?

Grab and Go breakfast dishes! These healthy delicious breakfast options are so quick and easy you’ll be on the go before you know it.

Lunches to go that are simple and fast to make. You can even pack them up in a cooler and take them to work or for kids’ lunches so you’ll never have to worry about eating fast food for lunch because you didn’t have time to prepare.

Rush-hour dinners that will delight your whole family. You can whip up these fabulous meals in less than thirty minutes. These effortless meals are not only perfect for family dinners but for dinner parties, potlucks and dinner meetings as well.

You’ll also get…

Dr. Corson’s favorite simple, fast and tasty salads for an extra quick antioxidant boost.

Vegan dishes and meals that will make your mouth water

Healthy dips and snacks you can prepare in less than 15 minutes. These dips and snacks will keep you full and help you lose weight to boot!

Here are some examples of recipes from the book:
Dr. Corson’s Vegan Black Bean Soup Recipe with Avocado and Cilantro Garnish Recipe
Dr. Corson’s Tasty Vegan Tabouli Salad Recipe

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