Healthy Weight Loss Meal Plans

When you want to lose weight it is important that you set a goal for your weight loss. That goal should include how much you want to lose, as well as an meal plan and a fitness plan. You’ve likely already heard this numerous times, but it is important to remember that you should get at least a half an hour of exercise 5 days a week.┬áIf you want to do more then that is great.

You should also switch up your fitness routine so that you keep your muscles guessing and keep losing the weight. If you hit a plateau, where you no longer seem to be losing any weight even though you are still dieting and exercising, then that means that your body has become used to your routine and it’s time to switch it up.

As important as your fitness routine is, your meal plans are just as important. Healthy weight loss meal plans are those in which you are still getting all of the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. Most diets have you cut something out, like meat or carbohydrates. Check out some healthy nutrition tips and follow a diet that works the best for your body.

If you are going to cut anything from your diet, cut out processed foods with added sugars and salts. Those are the bad guys. Healthy unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, berries, whole grains, legumes and natural meats are the things that give you the energy your body needs to keep moving. Getting the right amount of them will give you the energy you need for your fitness routine. See how each aspect of your healthy weight loss plan works together to get you healthy and fit?

The big question is, what foods should be included in your meal plans for weight loss? Not only am I going to tell you what foods, but I am also going to tell you why you should chose these foods.

Healthy Weight Loss Meal Plans


Vegetables are the first thing you should put on your plate. They should also take up the most space on your plate. Why? Because they are good for you, they fill you up, they are full of nutrients and they are the one food group least likely to make you gain any weight. Both fruits and vegetables are known to lower blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease.


Not only are fruits rich in vitamins and nutrients, but they make for a healthy snacking option when you have a sweet tooth. Some fruits are rich in natural sugars, giving you something sugary without refined sugars. Please don’t add sugar to your fruit, or salt for that matter. Just enjoy it’s natural sweetness!

popcorn weight loss meal plans imageWhole Grains

Whole grains, like brown rice and quinoa, are filled with fiber and they are filling. Healthy whole grains make you feel fuller faster. Easy ways to get your whole grains are with whole grain bread, cereals made with whole grains and through popcorn! Yes, popcorn is a whole grain. You should, however, opt for air popped popcorn without salt and butter.

Lean Meats

Chicken and turkey are great examples of lean meats. Cuts of read meat without the fat are good too. Fish is a great meat alternative. Instead of frying your meats in oils, grill or bake for the healthiest option. Meat portions should be no larger than deck of cards.


The best dairy for dieting is yogurt. The live cultures in yogurt can help even out your digestive system, which can also help with weight loss. Pick low-fat and no fat dairy options.

If you want to add something to your cooking, like an oil, opt for the omega 3 rich olive oil. And don’t forget to drink your water, at least eight 8 ounce glasses a day. Here is a plan for one day on a healthy weight loss meal plan, use it as a basis to make your own:


Get your morning protein with a couple eggs. Try one whole egg and one egg yolk. Eat this along with a slice of whole grain toast. Drink a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice and a glass of water. No time for cooking? Have a bowl of whole grain cereal topped with banana slices or strawberry slice. Use skim milk.


The best bet for lunch is always a salad. Start with some romaine or baby spinach. Dice up a small tomato. Add some chicken. Top with some olive oil mixed with a crushed clove of garlic.


Dinner is a great time to get in a good dose of at least three of the food groups. Use that same garlic and olive oil mixture to cook a breast of chicken in. Cook up some brown or wild rice. Pick your favorite vegetable and cook that up to. Place your chicken on a bed of rice and put your vegetable to the side. Enjoy.

Healthy Snacks

Get an extra serving of fruit by topping off your low-fat yogurt with a fresh fruit. Great choices are peaches, strawberries, bananas or blueberries.

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