Hope Solo’s Workout Program For The Soccer Olympics

Hope Solo’s Workout Program For The Soccer Olympics

Perhaps the captivating London 2012 Olympic games will inspire you to hit the gym more often… Or take up an Olympic sport?

Women’s soccer is one of the most riveting for American fans; they have yet to lose a game in London. Hope Solo is a hero on the team, battling soccer balls flying towards the net. A goalkeeper must be fit and ready for anything, not to mention agile and muscular. So how does Hope get prepared for the Olympics? Check out her workout plan to stay in tip-top shape.

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Hope Solo’s Workout Plan

It’s obviously much easier for athletes to get and stay fit in whatever sport they choose to play. Soccer is an extreme cardio workout, so playing a pick-up game in itself can help shed pounds and get your legs toned.

When she’s training with the Olympic team, she says she’s on the ground diving for the ball a lot of the time; those up and down movements must get tiring after having soccer balls drilled at her for hours.

When the team does non-shooting drills, Hope is on the side with a trainer. She focuses on plyometrics, speed, and agility. Special footwork drills help train her to quickly move from side to side within the goal and aid in diving in games.

But as an Olympic athlete, Hope has to do much more than just practice a couple of times a week. Doing special muscle building and agility workouts allows her to have full control of her body on the soccer field.

She says she prefers bodyweight and plyometric activities to weightlifting; she does push-ups and sit-ups incessantly, which is a pretty easy routine to follow (try doing several sets in front of the TV – that way you’re entertained and working out!). She also works with a pull-up bar, does lunge and squat jumps, and loves to jump rope.

One specific exercise that Hope incorporates into her workouts is the Ski-Jump to Single-Leg Squat. Stand with a medicine ball and your knees shoulder-width apart. Jump to your right side with one foot; try to land softly, and then dip down into a single-leg squat. Stand back up, jump to your left side, and do a single-leg squat there. Keep this going for a minute; take a minute break, and then begin again for another minute. Also, when she’s not training at her 100% for the Olympics, Hope likes to use yoga as a form of exercise and stretching.

Another amazing Hope quality is her killer abs. Strong abdominal muscles are paramount for any athlete; they help with balance and overall ability. Hope likes to incorporate medicine balls in her ab workouts to feel that extra burn. One special exercise to try: Suitcases.

Lay on your back with a medicine ball (start off at 3 or 4 pounds and increase difficulty if you can) in between your legs, which should be off the ground and bent at a 90-degree angle. In a crunching motion, bring your knees and elbows together. Try two sets of ten to start off.

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Hope’s Diet Plan

Hope says that one thing that can be hard to maintain while traveling to tournaments is diet. One thing she must have is a blender to create soy protein shakes to help keep up that muscle fiber. In general, soccer players should follow this nutrient consumption plan: consume 55-65% of your body weight in carbohydrates, 25% from healthy fats, and the remaining amount from protein.

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