How Terry Wahls Reversed Multiple Sclerosis With A Healthy Diet

What would you do if you had Multiple Sclerosis and were bound to a wheelchair?

Terry Wahls Reverses Multiple Sclerosis image

Terry Wahls goes from wheelchair to biking in 1 year

An internal medicine doctor from Iowa City may have new answers for anyone suffering with multiple sclerosis or other chronic diseases.

Terry Wahls Story With Multiple Sclerosis

Terry Wahls, M.D. was diagnosed in 2000 with Multiple Sclerosis and was wheelchair bound by 2003. She could walk only short distances and had lots of problems with fatigue. As is common among Multiple Sclerosis patients, the disease was getting progressively worse day by day.

terry wahls multiple sclerosis image

Terry Wahls October 1, 2007 Before Changing Her Diet

She took the recommended chemotherapy but it didn’t help her much. Her symptoms only continued to get worse. She was desperate for answers and curious so she started studying medical literature and nutrition every day and started taking some vitamin supplements. She was excited to see some minor improvements from her supplementation regime.

In November 2007, she got the bright idea that she would be better to get her nutrients from whole foods instead of vitamin supplements. So she started to change her diet to get more of these nutrients she was missing and within 3 months she was able to get out of her wheelchair and walk briefly through the hospital exam rooms.

After 5 months she could walk without a cane and just 9 months later she was able to do an 18-mile bicycle ride!

After that she decided to change her clinical research to focus on the connection between diet and the reversal of chronic diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

The Wahls Diet

The diet used by Terry Wahls personally, in her studies and that she recommends includes:

terry wahls after changing her diet image

Terry Wahls October 1, 2008 After Changing Her Diet

At least 9 cups of vegetables and berries every day, as much raw as possible. This includes 3 cups of green leafy veggies, 3 cups of sulphur-rich vegetables like in the cabbage, onion, asparagus family and mushrooms, and 3 cups of brightly colored vegetables and berries.

Limit grain and legume consumption to only 2 times a week.

Dr. Wahls also includes meat from natural, free-range, organic lean meats in her diet program.

The diet absolutely bans any dairy, gluten, or processed foods like white flour, white sugar or processed vegetable oils. Dr. Wahls notes that the proteins casein (from dairy) and gluten (from wheat and some grains) can cause immune reactions and should be avoided.

In addition to changing the diet, Dr. Wahls teaches people to meditate, how to self-massage, and use electrical stimulation therapy to help heal and get better.

Dr. Wahls notes that whenever she strays from her new, healthy diet she feels the fatigue and onset of the Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

Dr. Wahls is now working on new clinical trials to see how her diet can help those suffering from chronic diseases. If you’d like to support Dr. Wahls, visit her at her website here¬†

Dr. Terry Wahls Interview

We interviewed Dr. Terry Wahls on her diet and her story and the research she’s currently working on. You can listen to the whole interview with Dr. Terry Wahls on the Authentic Health Coaching nutrition podcast show.

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21 Comments For This Post

  1. Multiple sclerosis heat Says:

    Multiple sclerosis remains to be a very odd condition. nO person is for certain precisely why most of the people with ms are women

  2. Teresa Baker Says:

    @Deb, I hate to Burst Your Bubble but this Story is As Told and the Pictures are correct with the Dates. I live fairly close to Iowa City, Iowa and Many in the community Know her and know her story. I have seen her speak Locally. She is remarkable. So first I would Say to You, What makes You think she wouldn’t go from diagnosis to wheelchair in 3 Years? Just Because You don’t Think that is the Course MS takes or You Read it in a Medical Journal somewhere Does not make that statement Valid. Thats part of the problem with Western Medicine, looking at everything from a narrow scope. I realize you might think Chemo is the first Recommended treatment for MS, but did it occur to you that she is a Doctor and perhaps it was recommended to her. You also say she Should of Been taking VItamins and Supplements her whole Life? Thats a really silly statement, She obviously did not take great care of herself Nutritionally and was Not even Focused or educated in that area. Most People don’t take Supplements there whole life or know anything about them until they either have a health condition, are interested in Nutrtion or perhaps were Blessed to Have Parents that had extensive knowledge of Health, Nutrition and Supplements. Who Buys her whole Food, and where does she get the $ to BUy them? You can do better than that can’t you? I buy my own Whole Foods, I prepare them and I use my Money to purchase Them..And if I couldn’t, I have plenty of family, Friends and support that would assist me. I can’t believe you would say “Where does she get the Money” Do you know something about her Finances? Thats Ridiculous….Money saved, Retirement, investments, inheritance, family helping her, wealthy family and friends, Parents, Fundraisers, benifits…Grow Your own Garden! I can assure You, There are Cures for MS and Cancer out there. Besides those names are just Names, a Group of Symptoms and Imbalances to the body. Give the Body what it needs and you can bring it back to its Naturl State. No sickness! And Just because You gave up Meat some time ago and had no changes…….Try telling that to the Hundreds of Thousands of People that gave it Up who Feel Fabulous and say that was the best thing they ever did…Many people when you try and talk to them about Healthy Changes, Like to say “I did that…but what they don’t tell you is they only did it for a Week or a couple days….It takes Patience, Commitment, Education, wisdom to Heal the body. It is not a Over night quick fix. It is a Way of life and not to fall into the Trap as so many Americans Have to the Mass Marketing, Misinformation, a Pill for every Ill, there is no cure (thats a Lie, etc…Her story is Simplified, Because Quite Frankly it is Simple! We have made it much More difficult, all for the Sake of Money, Greed and Power. It has been right under our Nose the whole time! Eat a rich, Healthy diet loaded with Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals and See the Miraculous Happen! PS. You don’t have to Believe the Dates on the Picture, just keep thinking like you do and you will get more unbelief in your life. It is that simple. You don’t believe it because You don’t want to believe it. If you changed your thinking to Anything Is Possible, small glimmers of hope would start appearing in your life that you never thought possible…It is apparent Your thinking did not Hold her back from Healing, She educated and Informed herself and did tons of research, put into practice what she was learning and Stayed Opened to all Possibilites! She did not Let What Others Opinions or supposed Medical Reasearch hold her back. Just Because Someone Else Thinks it should be a certain way doesn’t make it So! What a Great Story! Thank You Tom Corson-Knowles/

  3. Tom Corson-Knowles Says:

    Wow Teresa, what a comment! I definitely agree – many people complain about the high cost of buying whole foods but they pale in comparison to the cost of a single hospital visit for a cold or flu, let alone a serious diagnosis like heart disease, cancer or MS. You can either invest in your wellness upfront or subsidize your illness later on.

  4. Ezrela Says:

    This is a very similar diet to the one I have just started, I am also feeling better already, I have cut out all sugar and all additives and just eating plain meat veggies and fruit, I also include nuts and honey, its the only way to eat, its so good to see the astonishing benefits

  5. Tom Corson-Knowles Says:

    Ezrela that’s awesome to hear that you’re already feeling better! Just imagine how good you will feel 1 year, 5 years, 10 years from now with this healthier diet ūüôā

  6. Mary Says:

    This is the most obnoxious page of constant video ads I have ever encountered. As much as I would have liked to have read this short article, I was too busy trying to turn off the constant stream of ads.

  7. Tom Corson-Knowles Says:

    Hi Mary, I’m so sorry about the video ads! We just changed our ad network and did not realize that they would be automatically playing videos. I find it really annoying myself so I have disabled them. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience! I hope you’ll come back and read the article and listen to Dr. Wahls interview because it really is so powerful.

  8. LA Says:

    Amazing story and glad she was an MD. Sorry she had to be ill to get here. But, now so many people can benefit. This is very similar to a Mediterranean diet except no dairy which i totally understand. The body’s organs need nutrition to heal & function and provide energy ATP.

  9. Tom Corson-Knowles Says:

    Yes it’s amazing how the body can heal from just about anything if you feed it right!

  10. Jo Says:

    QUESTION: What’s wrong with legumes, that they need to be limited to 2X per week?

  11. Tom Corson-Knowles Says:

    Good question Jo! Dr. Wahls said in the interview that legumes are high in starches and are very similar to grains when digested because of that. For people who are very sensitive with MS, she believes they will do best with little to no legumes in the diet.

  12. Kevin Says:

    I have been struggling with the MS disease myself now for about 10 years. It is always great to hear a good story and see someone improving by a different method than the drugs, which seems to be Western medicines only answer and pushed by our doctors. The drugs are not even effective and the money involved with the drug companies opens up a whole different debate as to whose best interests are really the focus. But, sticking with this topic and the benefits of a proper diet, lets give credit where credit is due as this diet information has been around for a while thanks in large part to Dr. Ashton Embry and his extensive and tireless research on the disease. His website full of information is There is also another book called “The MS Recovery Diet”, by Ann D. Sawyer and Judith E. Bachrach with much of the same findings in regards to this diet. Again, it is always good to hear about someone fighting and winning their battle, but I would hate to see these same people taking credit for others work. I hope this is not the case here.

  13. Tom Corson-Knowles Says:

    Hey Kevin, thanks for sharing these great resources on Multiple Sclerosis! I certainly don’t think Dr. Wahls is trying to take credit for anyone else’s work – she’s just sharing what’s worked for her. And God knows a lot more people need to learn this information!

  14. Steven Blake mba Says:

    5 months ago I changed my diet, removed sugar and sugar substitutes, avoid processed food, and virtually eliminated meat and alcohol. Not only do I feel energised, mentally I am retaining more information. As soon as I slip back into old habits I notice within minutes feeling sluggish. Far from my new “diet” being boring or a chore to stick to I really love the taste of fresh wholesome food and I never get the hunger pangs or cravings I used to have. Thank you for sharing this brilliant information.
    PS I’m 59 and have never felt better or fitter in my life!

  15. Tom Corson-Knowles Says:

    Hey Steven, thanks for sharing your story! Everytime I hear a story like yours of someone who has turned their health around, I get inspired. I’m so glad to hear you’re doing so well!

  16. Michael Says:

    Her diet shares many similarities to the Gerson Diet. Dr. Max Gerson used diet, primarily, in the successful treatment of many chronic diseases, especially cancers.

  17. Tom Corson-Knowles Says:

    Michael, you’re right! There are a lot of similarities in their dietary approach and philosophies. We also interviewed Charlotte Gerson just a few weeks ago about Gerson Therapy, you can see that interview here:

  18. Holly Says:

    Interesting read … so basically a paleo type diet although I would disagree with the dairy, as long as you are getting raw fresh dairy it’s not the same as pasturized stuff …. glad she is feeling better!

  19. Robert Says:

    The fact that chemotherapy is prescribed for MS shows how absolutely clueless main-stream medicine is. I’ll be most doctors don’t even know that chemo has no curative effect, but blocks the natural healing mechanism in the body… the mechanism of cellular repair. It “achieves” this by destroying DNA. There is no logical reason why chemo would ever be given, except that it’s a huge money maker for Big Pharma, and also serves to hasten death which relieves the burden on government for Social Security/Medicare payouts.

  20. Tom Corson-Knowles Says:

    Robert, yeah it’s pretty scary to me too that chemo is prescribed.. but it is what it is. I believe if more people knew about Dr. Wahls’ story and what she teaches, the need for chemo and other harsh procedures would disappear or at least diminish greatly.

  21. William Says:

    Hey, Mary! You know, there’s this browser called Firefox and an add-on called AdBlocker Plus. With those, you’d see ZERO ads and wouldn’t have to leave such an obnoxious message. In fact, I didn’t even know there were ads on this page at all till I read your note. Gain control of your internet experience so you don’t ruin valid pages for others.

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