How to Avoid Bloating

Sun, Jan 13, 2013


How to Avoid Bloating

tea-bloating1Abdominal bloating most especially every after dinner is very disappointing. It may be a cause of our excessive eating, chips, sodas and even alcohol intake. We usually tend to be surprised because before we have a flat belly but after eating and drinking, instantly it appeared. It is most probably called “water weight”. It is caused by water retained in our body most specifically in our peritoneal cavity. So, we must take that out of:

–          Eating healthy foods most importantly high in fiber.

–          Drink plenty amounts of water.

–          Avoid sodas, alcohol, chips and other salty foods.

In this article, I’ am helping you on how to avoid bloating that could add an excessive weight.

Tip No. 1: Know if you have a wheat or lactose intolerance

One major reason of gas and abdominal bloating is lactose intolerance and wheat allergies. This condition must be really confirmed by a doctor and not by yourself alone because you might stop the intake of your healthy dairy products and wheat which is essential in your daily requirement.

Tip No. 2: Try to eat at a moderate pace.

Eating too fast may really lead to bloating because you may swallow some air. And also, if you are eating fast, you could not chew food properly so it will go directly to your stomach that is not properly grind. You must always remember that the first part of digestion start in the mouth. Therefore, try really to eat at a pace that you can enjoy your food and you can digest it properly at the same time.

Tip No. 3: Try to avoid carbonated drinks, bubble gums and alcohol.

Carbonated drinks like colas and sodas, bubble gums and alcohol are gas forming substances so you must avoid it to prevent bloating. Instead, drink water with fresh lemon or any citrus fruit on it or try fresh fruit juice because these are healthier.  On the bubble gum part, when we chew it, we tend to swallow so much air so it would really contribute to bloating. If you have a habit of eating bubble gum, you can always switch from eating a hard, sugarless candy, or a healthy fruit for your snack.

Tip No. 4: Avoid Sodium or rich- sodium foods

Foods that are rich in sodium includes chips, canned goods and fast foods. So, we must avoid these foods since water follows where sodium goes. So, it would really contribute to bloating.

Tip No. 5: Avoid beans

Beans are really healthy but when we are not used in eating those, we may tend to experience bloating. So, it is better to avoid it than to suffer.

Tip No. 6: Eat small, frequent meals

If you are used in eating 3 large meals per day, try to switch by eating small, healthy meals every two hours. In this way, you can manage your hunger and avoid bloating as well.

Tip No. 7: Learn to consume anti-bloating drinks

Drinks such as tea, yogurts, pineapples and foods high in fiber may help you de- bloat so it is better that we should also learn to consume these foods.

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