How To Get Ripped With The Zac Efron Marine Workout

How To Get Ripped With The Zac Efron Marine Workout

From scrawny to brawny, Zac Efron transformed his lean 145lb body into a muscular powerhouse this past year for The Lucky One, where he plays a U.S. marine.  His body transformation has been one of the biggest buzzes in Hollywood this year.

This 24 year old actor, who began his career as a teenage heartthrob, is one of those people who has always been naturally skinny. So when Zac snagged this role, he was paired with Logan Hood of Epoch Training, who got him into Marine-ready shape in only 4 months.

Here’s exactly how this dedicated actor made one of the biggest body transformations in Hollywood.

Zac Efron Workout picture

Zac Efron spent a lot of time in the gym to put on muscle for Marine.

Zac Efron’s Marine Workout

Get ready, because to pack on the muscles like a Zac it’s all about intensity.  Zac worked out 5 times a week, doing a combination of cardio and military style weight training. Zac is a big fan of working out in the morning, and for 4 months he would get up at the crack of dawn and meet is trainer at the beach. And he’d only work out 1 hour at a time, so that his muscles didn’t get too worn out.

For cardio, Zac would either run, swim, go hiking, surf, or play a sport that he likes, like basketball and soccer. Zac has also been known to do a little bit of rock climbing to get his cardio. After his cardio, Zac moved onto the biggest reason he was able to getas bulked up as he is – weight training.

He would start with military style weight training – doing squats to develop powerful legs, bench press exercises to bulk up the chest, pull ups and chin ups, bicep curls, triceps curls, weighted crunches for abs and side bends for abs. Zac also made sure to go slow when he did his reps so he was using the exact muscle group he wanted to target.

Zac Efron Marine picture

Zac Efron starring in the movie Marine.

Zac would also do a few more bodyweight/circuit training exercises, including weighted lunges and dips on the parallel bars to work his shoulders and back.  And to make sure all of his hard work paid off, Zac made sure he got plenty of sleep.

Zac Efron Diet

During Zac’s 4 intense months of power lifting, increasing his calorie intake was critical for his muscle-building mass plan to work.  He went from eating the average recommended 2000 calories a day to eating 3500 calories a day, and would eat 6 to 8 times a day as well, since a young body like Zac’s needs all the calories it can get when building extreme muscle mass for the first time.

In the morning before each workout, Zac would either drink a protein shake or an eight egg omelet (sometimes even drinking eggs raw) so he’d have a full stomach before each workout. This made sure his body had the protein it needed so his muscles could recover after each workout.

Zac Efron Abs picture

Zac Efron shows off his six pack abs on the beach.

For the 6-8 meals he’d eat every day, Zac would eat whatever he wanted, although this Cali boy prefers healthy fare, and he made sure to drink shakes in between his meals so he’d reach his target 3,500 calorie goal. Zac ate healthy most of the time, and would eat things such as lean proteins such as chicken and fish, fresh fruits and vegetables and he also make sure he also got plenty of dairy.

It’s always amazing to see young Hollywood actors go from cute to full blown manly, and the work out regimen Zac Efron followed is one of the best workout routines to make such a transformation happen.

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