How to lose pounds easily

Wed, Nov 28, 2012

Weight Loss Tips

How to lose pounds easily
losing pounds

High quality foods are better for your health


Cutting extra pounds is really a big challenge today. Most especially we are surrounded by many fast foods that contains the extra amount of calories. But the 2 things that are successful in this goal is to have a balanced and healthy diet and a regular exercise regimen. Surely, you will lose your unwanted pounds. Not just that, you will also have a healthy body.

It takes time but don’t worry because you will not just look good, but will feel good as well. You will see also a big improvements in your skin, hair, immune system, elimination pattern and your general well being.

Here are the guidelines to keep in mind before deciding to lose weight:

  • When deciding to go on a diet, just don’t forget the code S-M-A-R-T-H:

Simple: It means that just make your diet as simple as possible. Don’t go on an exaggerated diet that is very vague to understand. Simple also in a sense that, you eat simple foods that easy to find and cook. In this way, you could also save from money, time and effort.

Measurable: Make your diet that is very measurable and you know you can achieve. Don’t go too far that you know you cannot achieve.

Attainable: There are many kinds of diet nowadays that are not that achievable by a person who is a beginner when it come to diet. So start on the dimple diet that you know you are capable of attaining.

Realistic: This goes especially to food diet. Most people tend to starve and deprive themselves. They do not know that the more they will starve themselves, they are capable of binging foods.

Time- bound: In setting time, make sure you give yourself an allowance to avoid pressure.

Humane: In setting goals in your diet program, make sure it is achievable by a human and not too crucial.

  • Have a regular exercise and stick with it.

A regular exercise is important in maintaining a healthy body. So, don’t just settle that you hit the gym once a week. Make a realistic plan for your workout. Like, 3 times a week you will do Cardio, in the remaining 3 days, you will do weights for your muscles to be firm and the remaining 1 day is for your rest. That is also realistic to achieve if you are really dedicated and if you want to.

  • Have a meal plan.

Plan your meals and prepare them very well. It doesn’t need to be expensive, it just has to be simple but full of nutrients and low in calories. Instead of having 3 big meals per day, try to have 6-8 small, frequent feedings. In this way, your stomach is not that full, so it’s really easy to be metabolized by the body. Include fruits and vegetables in your meal for nourishment.

These tips are just very simple but these are the things that are forgotten and taken for granted that is why they are not successful in their diet. Just remember the keyword, S-M-A-R-T-H and you will achieve your goal in losing weight.





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