Is Lauren Conrad’s Diet Healthy Or Just Another Fad?

Is Lauren Conrad’s Diet Healthy Or Just Another Fad?

The beautiful Lauren Conrad of the hit TV show, The Hills, known for her tan, blonde and uber-healthy look, is one of the most in-shape stars in Hollywood right now and it’s all thanks to a diet based on some of the most important healthy eating rules we’ve all been taught, but actually living by those rules and incorporating them into her daily eating habits.

Lauren was first taught the core components of her diet by her trainer, Jarrett Del Bene, and her plan has become one of the most top researched diets plans today. Here’s a look at the Lauren Conrad diet, one of the most highly praised celebrity diets by nutritionists to come around in decades.

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Lauren Conrad’s Diet

The main two components of Lauren Conrad’s diet are as follows: Eat only 1500 calories a day and consume those calories in six meals throughout the day.  Dieticians usually recommend lowering one’s caloric intake to about 1500 calories a day on most diet plans, so this target calorie intake works.

And it not only helped Lauren get camera-ready for the her show’s upcoming season, it also made sure her body got the calories it needed, not depriving it of what a body typically needs to run each day (the minimum daily caloric intake required is 1200).

She also eats six mini meals each day, which is a trick many trainers recommend because it helps keep up metabolism all day long (burning calories, helping her stay slim). Also, eating frequently (about every 2 hours) also helps keep her blood sugar levels in the normal range (preventing hard-to-resist sugar cravings on-set).

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Lauren Conrad was on the cover of Shape magazine and discussed her diet plan.

Exercise is another important part of Lauren’s healthy diet plan.  She does a mixture of cardio, sports and weights, giving her body variety of exercise, helping it burn those calories.

How To Diet

Since Lauren eats six meals a day, each meal is smaller than a typical meal, and breakfast is one of her meals that contains the smallest amount of calories (next to her snacks of course).

She prefers whole grains in the morning, such as a whole grain waffle, and will eat it with 2 teaspoons of peanut butter (for her calcium and protein needs).  Also, oatmeal and Kashi cereal (with skim milk) are other breakfast items she eats often.  She’ll also eat fresh fruit for breakfast, egg whites and low-fat yogurt.

For her healthy snacks, she likes almonds and walnuts, fresh fruit and low-fat cottage cheese. And for lunch, Lauren is a big fan of Cobb salad with turkey bacon, egg whites, plenty of veggies and avocado and served with balsamic dressing.  Lauren is a big fan of raw vegetables and eats them a lot.

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Other lunch items she likes include chicken salad or light tuna fish with feta cheese on a bed of lettuce (no bread). For dinner, she always eats a lean protein such as fish or chicken breast (only 4 to 6 ounces), along with a salad or roasted veggies.

As for the workout portion of her diet, she does frequent bouts of strength training because she eats frequent meals throughout the day (this workout regimen and diet go hand in hand).  She also does circuit training three times a week, is a huge fan of kickboxing (it also helps reduce levels of cortisol, a hormone that causes stress) and she hikes often in the canyons near her home.

Thanks to a diet that follows some of the most well known food recommendations combined with practical exercising, Lauren Conrad’s diet has become one of the best reviewed celebrity diets in town.

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