Jackie Chan’s Kung-Fu Diet and Workout Plan

Jackie Chan’s Kung-Fu Diet and Workout Plan

I don’t know about you but I love kung-fu movies. And I love comedy – and no one makes a better funny kung-fu movie than Jackie Chan.

Jackie Chan is one of the world’s most beloved imports to come out of China. His amazing martial arts skills, his hysterical high-energy films, his positive personality, millions adore him. But how does he keep his body in such amazing shape, despite nearing the big 6-0?

From being raised on a traditional healthy Chinese cuisine (that he still loves to eat till this day) to maintaining aspects of the intense kung-fu training from his youth in his 2012 workout routine, here’s a look at how the incredibly talented Jackie Chan keeps his body in unbelievable shape.

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Jackie Chan is known for his funny movies but he’s a serious martial artist.

Jackie Chan’s Diet

In Jackie Chan’s early years, he was very strict about his diet and maintained a diet that was low in fat, low in sodium and low in carbs, and he also made sure to eat loads of protein to help with muscle building. But as he’s gotten older, Jackie’s become much more relaxed in how he eats, and instead will just add additional cardio to his workouts if he’s eaten anything ‘bad’ in the past few days.

He is a huge proponent of eating food and not limiting yourself (just the fat), since we get our energy from food. If Jackie eats ice cream or steak , he’ll just add 20 minutes to his workout routine later in the day.

Jackie Chan Workout

Jackie Chan’s exercise routine has changed a lot in his life, which is natural when you start at the age of 8 with hopes of becoming a martial arts master. But his main goals with his current exercise plan are to burn fat (so he can eat whatever he likes) and to maintain his muscular physique.

As a young man when he took hardcore kung-fu training from the Peking Opera School, he would spend hours every day performing exercises to make himself incredibly strong, yet flexible.

Jackie Chan's Fitness Plan

At the school he’d do several intense bodyweight exercises each day, such as finger tip and thumb press up, splits, back bends, deep knee squats, one legged squats, stretching and some acrobatic leaps. But after making it big (in his 20’s and 30’), he toned things down into a more “Westernized” workout routine, jogging 3-5 miles a day for his cardio and doing 5 sets of 10 push ups and 5 sets of 20 sit ups each day.

Now in his 50’s (with bum ankles from breaking them in past films), he only jogs 1 hour a day, and has modified his workout routine to help him stay in the best shape possible, but in not as a severe way. He’s a huge fan of boxing and loves the high energy aspect of sparring, and even training others. He also uses exercise machines and uses a treadmill in 2 hour intervals, 3 times a week. And making sure not to forget his martial arts past, he also does high repetitions of basic martial arts moves for cardio.

For weight training, Jackie lifts weights on all body parts and is still does the bodyweight exercises that he does when he was young, but now he only does low-impact weights (and at high repetitions) so he can still get the workout, yet protect his joints. And he prefers to use free weights, which is a weight-lifting style that’s much more popular in the martial arts world.

And lastly, one of the easiest workouts Jackie does each day (when he get fit it into his schedule), a brisk 20 minute walk, but somewhere private so he is not recognized.

In Jackie’s world, exercise is king and always will be. From jogging and walking to doing bodyweight exercises and boxing spurs, Jackie has developed an extremely effective diet and exercise routine.

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