Jason Statham’s Diet and Workout Plan

Jason Statham’s Diet and Workout Plan

One of Britain’s most well-known action stars is Jason Statham, star of The Italian Job, Transporter and Death Race. He’s known for his overwhelmingly muscular physique, which undoubtedly was inspired by his previous life – an Olympic diver for the British National diving team (he placed 12th in the World Championships in 1992). Jason knows how to get in shape like a pro, and the proof is his body Hollywood casting agents can’t get enough of.

But Jason hasn’t always been a workout fanatic. Before his debut role in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, he jokes that beer and bacon were staples of his diet. But that’s a thing of the past. Dedicated to his diet and workout regimen, Jason hasn‘t looked back. Here is how this bad ass Brit gets movie-ready by combining common sense eating with intense weight training.

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The Jason Statham Diet

For most of Jason Statham‘s roles, being in shape and looking muscular is key, so he rarely ever strays from his diet (even when he’s not gearing up for a role).  Jason is a big fan of eating six meals a day, but he allows himself one “cheat” day each week.

To keep lean muscle mass, which is the number one thing Jason‘s body is known for, he eats what he simply calls “good food” and counts his calories religiously, making sure to consume only the recommended amount, 2000 calories a day.  When he was first getting into shape, counting calories was actually the number one thing that helped him lose weight, and he was able to lose 17 pounds in six weeks.

He also only eats lean proteins (turkey, fish, chicken, egg-whites) and plenty of nuts, fresh fruit and yogurt. A favorite lunch of his is brown rice and steamed vegetables and after he works out, he’s a big fan of protein shakes. Jason also completely avoids refined sugars and flour, which means no bread or pasta.

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His desserts are also rather “un-fun” and are made from fat-free yogurt and mixed fruit. When it comes to what the liquids he consumes, no alcohol or fruit juice is allowed and he’s a big proponent of water, and drinks as much as he can a day (typically about 1 1/2 gallons). As for the latest he’ll eat, 7pm is when he calls it quits.

The Jason Statham Workout

Jason Statham’s trainer, former Navy Seal Logan Hood, has created a workout routine for Jason that focuses on high intensity exercises.  Jason been known to call his workout “horrible, murder” and “priceless.”

The main two components of Jason’s workout routine are as follows:

1) Never do the same routine twice and

2) Record everything each time you work out (even rests), so you can see exactly how you’re improving).

Jason Statham Workout plan

And he works out six days a week, 35 minutes each time.

His workout routine consists of three steps:

Step one: A 10 minute warmup (cardio exercises, cycling or rowing).

Step two: 10 to 20 minutes of medium intensity weight training, and he varies it every time.  Kettle ball, medicine ball throw, dead lifts and bench press are some of the exercises he’ll incorporate. He also likes to ‘shock’ new/unused muscles.

Step three: Interval circuit training, done five times, like rope climbing, farmer walks, squats, hanging leg raises, weighted step-ups and dead lifts.  He also performs heavy lifting with compound exercises (using 75% of his one rep max).

Jason’s workout and diet method may be tough, but with several more roles slated for this actor, it’s definitely one of the most effective.

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