Meditation: A stress- free experience

Meditation: A stress- free experience
meditation benefits

Meditation is the tongue of the soul and the language of our spirit.

In our busy and hectic schedule, we want also to experience that we are relaxed, problem-free, stress- free and feel peaceful within the surroundings and ourselves. It is somehow difficult to concentrate at first but with constant and regular practice, you will be able to feel the inner peace to you which is a very fulfilling experience.

But before proceeding to meditate, what should you prepare?

First is yourself. Because in this kind of activity, it is very important that you are ready physically, emotionally and spiritually. You have to compose yourself before starting. If there are things bothering you, make it a way that you will set those worries aside first and concentrate on the meditation.

Second is the place. The place or location is one of the most important factors that would make your meditation a success. Make sure that the place should be conducive for thinking and relaxation. It should also be peaceful with no distractions. Always remember that you will do all the thinking and reflecting so it has to be very quiet as possible.

The last thing is your comfort. Make sure that you wear a comfortable clothes during the activity so that you will not be distracted.

What are the benefits of meditation?

Physiologic perspectives

  • Meditation decreases depression and stress because it decreases our hormone, Cortisol which is responsible in stressful situations.
  • Studies have also shown that meditation reduces blood pressure. It reduces blood pressure because you are very relaxed enough in which your blood vessels are dilated and will have no room for hypertension and high blood pressure.
  • It also increases the chances of being and feeling young.
  • It also contributes in our well-being and happiness because of the release of happy hormones such as Serotonin and Melatonin.

Mind and soul benefits:

  • Meditation will help you increase your concentration not just for that moment but also for your life. It will give you focus and concentration into your goals in life. It will also help you solve problems on your own with lesser difficulty.
  • This activity will enhance and increase your patience to stress and thus will give you a calming effect that will lead you to be relaxed. The same through with life, whenever you encounter difficulties, chaos, problems, negative things and dilemma, this activity will enhance you to face these challenges without having to stress so much. Despite the stress, you may also find ways and solutions.
  • Meditation will make you more intelligent. In a way that many neural connections or synapse are formed during the activity. High IQ people have many neural connections which made them intelligent.

Meditation has many effects on us both physiological and mental perspectives. We may have a busy life now but we really have to make time also for ourselves because it is always good to have a balance. A balance between our careers, relationships to others, leisure activities and time to ourselves.




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