Getting Rid of Lower Back Pain – Sam Visnic Interview

In this show we interview Sam Visnic, founder of the Visnic Center for Integrated Health and he shares the secrets to getting rid of back pain. Sam has been a practicing specialist in musculoskeletal rehabilitation, a neuromuscular therapist (NMT), a personal trainer, and a nationally certified massage therapist for over 10 years. He has also had extensive training in nutrition with a specific focus on Metabolic Typing™.

Sam truly understands health and pain from a holistic approach – including nutrition, neuromuscular health, physiology, psychology and emotions. Sam shares his top tips for getting rid of lower back pain and any chronic pain as well as some very important tips for maintaining your overall health and well-being.

Some of the topics Sam talks about in this interview include:

  • Nutrition and its connection to inflammation which can exacerbate back pain.
  • Sleeping and back pain
  • Good posture protects your back
  • Musculoskeletal imbalances
  • Emotions and chronic pain
  • Why a holistic approach to chronic pain and is so important
  • What kind of therapists can help you most effectively with back pain

Listen to the show now – just click play below.

For more information about Sam, visit him at

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