Reasons Why You Should Choose A Raw Food Diet

Thu, Nov 15, 2012

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Reasons Why You Should Choose A Raw Food Diet

raw food diet

Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.

During the time of our ancestors years ago, they eat foods which are easily available to them and that is natural foods such as vegetables, herbs, raw meats and fruits. However, in this modern century we tend to forget over these foods because we are overwhelmed with modern foods that are available everywhere.

We should be aware that artificial, processed and fast foods could contribute to illness, diseases to us. This is the reasons why hypertensions, heart attacks and diabetes are rampant and just ordinary to everyone. This is all because of our diet.

In this article, it is shown that raw foods are still the best food we should choose over anything. It could not give us harm but instead it could lead us to a better  well-being.

Here are the reasons why we should go back to the raw food diet that our ancestors are practicing before.

  • Since you are eating plant- based most of the time, it is proven that it could prevent diseases because it contain numerous nutrients and it could boost your immune system. Diseases such as diabetes and heart ailments are prevented since plants, herbs and raw foods are considered low in sugar, salt and other additives. So, it is low in calorie and it could lead to a better health standing.

  • You can also lose weight safely since it considered as natural weight loss technique. Together with regular exercise, it is surely that it could lead you in a better shape.

  • Supplements are no longer needed because raw foods are packed with numerous phytonutrients. Supplements such as vitamins, minerals could not be needed anymore because these foods gave you enough already. So, it could help you save your money as well.

  • It could help you achieve the clearer and glower skin because it is rich in antioxidants which eliminates free radical which is toxic in our body. That is why, people who maintain a raw food diet maintains a healthier and fresher looking skin.

  • It could give us better eyesight because of vitamin A. It could also delay eyesight dysfunction of many elderly. That is why studies show that older people who eat foods that are raw are likely to prevent occurrence of eye disorders such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

  • You have more energy to accomplish your everyday activities because of the vitamins and minerals it contains. So, you are not just healthy, but ready to do whatever errand you need to work without getting tired and exhausted easily.

  • And lastly, it is much cheaper and cost effective. It could help save us if we practice this diet. It is also available everywhere, we do not need to pay a higher grocery bill.

These benefits could best paired with proper exercise, better sleep, and good perception in life. They say, being contented, happy, and satisfied could be seen in the external aspect of ourselves. A raw food is just one way of achieving this life.





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  1. jan Says:

    While eating a raw diet is very noble and fantastic in summer when you can eat lots of salads and fruits – what about eating meat? Man cannot live on just fruit and veg and I wouldn’t want to be eating raw meat or raw lentils for that matter! Also what about the root vegetables such as potato, sweet potato, yam, pumpkin (my favourite veg), unless they are cooked they are pretty inedible and some nutrients are not bio-available unless the food is cooked.

    I do agree that we need to up our raw food intake for sure, but I don’t think a raw food diet is all it’s cracked up to be, particularly in winter when you need to eat warm, nourishing foods – there’s nothing like a beautiful lentil and vege stew!

    I am making these comments tongue in cheek because you might not be advocating a totally raw food diet? But if you are, that’s my 2 cents worth.

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