Reese Witherspoon’s Baby Food Diet Program

Reese Witherspoon’s Baby Food Diet Program

Possibly one of the most bizarre celebrity diets to surface in recent years is The Baby Food Diet – a diet plan that encourages adults to eat baby food, but don’t laugh quite yet. Several celebrities have tried this diet created by celebrity diet trainer Tracy Anderson and have seen stellar results. Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Lady Gaga have all been rumored to shed unwanted pounds by harkening back to the food-stuff of their  “really” early years.

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Whether you want to loose a few pounds in a matter of a few days, or think you have the chops to stick with it for longer (reportedly not an easy task), The Baby Food Diet has been known to deliver fast results. Here is everything you need to know about one of the most peculiar diets to become popular with celebrities.

How Does The Baby Food Diet Work?

There is a reason we feed babies baby food – it’s all-natural, contains no preservatives and is hormone and antibiotic-free. Baby food is also comprised of little fat and minimal fillers, making it one of the most natural pre-made foods you can buy (try to find that in any other kind of processed food). It’s also high in Vitamin D, Iron and Calcium, which for women taking this diet, always a beneficial thing.

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The theory behind the diet is that you get all of the nutrients you need in one portion-controlled jar; no-fuss, no cooking, nothing to have to think about except stocking your shelves with baby food. And since a typical jar of baby food ranges from 15 – 100 calories (with banana baby food considered one of the most nutrient-loaded baby food flavors out there) baby food is an easy way to stay on track with your diet. You’re also obviously lessening your daily caloric intake quite a bit.

Another theory as to why this diet works so well is that you’re eating pureed versions of your favorite foods (ok maybe not pureed peas), which means less bulk in your belly, making it easier for your body to digest your food, which is ideal if you’re looking to slim down quickly, especially for a upcoming event.

How To Start A Baby Food Diet

There are several variations of the diet, so its up to you to decide how much baby food you want to put into your body. The standard method is replacing two of your meals with baby food (make sure to rotate proteins, starches and veggies) and then eating one solid meal, usually dinner (so you can treat yourself for all your hard work sticking to your diet). You can also opt for organic baby food to get even more virgin-esque food.

Some people find themselves struggling to feel full on this diet, so if you like you can switch it up and eat baby food as a meal replacement only once a day. You can even push it further, and only use baby food as a substitute for your snacks.

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Reese also does yoga to stay healthy and fit.

There are a few precautionary things to keep in mind when doing this diet however. The main being – not getting enough calories. Since baby food is very low-cal, its unfortunately too easy to not consume enough calories on this diet. It can also taste bland (and lead to binge eating).

From being one of the cheapest diets around (you can buy baby food at 60 cents a jar) to one of the easiest to follow, it’s no wonder The Baby Food diet is one of those diets celebs who’ve done it before, will go back to get effective results.

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