Here are some other great helpful online resources for health and wellness:

Addiction Recovery

Questions about addiction and chemical dependency?


Want the latest anti-aging news, tips, and research updates?

Anti Aging News

Alternative Health Resources

Did you know you can actually improve your eyesight naturally with simple eye movement and mental exercises?

How to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

Body Building

If you want to get big and strong with body building, why not do it the healthy way? Here is a great bodybuilding resource

Bodybuilding Forum


Naturopathic medicine is a great way to improve your health naturally!

Scarlett Winters, N.D.

Paleo Dietitian

Nutrition Supplements

Juice Plus+ whole food nutrition.

Life Coaching

Did you know that all the top performers in the world, no matter what field they’re in – sports, business, research, medicine – they all have coaches! Why? Becauses coaches can see what’s missing, what needs improvement, and what you can do better to reach your goals.

Holistic Life Coaching & Spiritual Counseling

Life Coach for Moms and Professional Women

Life Transformation

Get pleasantly empowered and inspired with wholistic and practical wellness tips for busy people. Read about Life Makeover, Personal Health, Healing Energy, Fitness Motivation, and much more.

Practical Wellness Guide

Mind-Body Wellness

Your mind is the most powerful resource you have to heal your own body. Are you using it as well as you could be?

How To Hypnotize Yourself


Nutrition is the crucial foundation for good health and wellness.

Holistic Health and Nutrition for Alpha Mom

Nature’s Healing Foods

The Body In Form


Calgary Psychologist – Leading psychologist and therapist helps with depression, anxiety, relationships and many other areas of life. Lots of free psychological resources.

AM Therapies – Parthenia S. Izzard is a certified Natural Healthcare Practitioner and Psychologist and is the host of the Wellness, Wholeness & Wisdom Radio show on Blog Talk Radio.


Relationships are a crucial piece to health, happiness and success in life. Creating great relationships will help you create a great life!

How to move on financially and emotionally after divorce

Stress Relief

Stress is a killer! As much as 75% or diseases are caused by stress or stress-related. Mastering and reducing stress is a key piece to the puzzle of living a healthy, happy life.

Emotional Healing & Dealing With Stress


Yoga is an ancient tradition of physical movement that has been shown to do miraculous things for healing the body. Check out these great Yoga resources!

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