Natural Weight Loss

I’ve been in nutrition and health coaching for years now and teaching people about the importace of natural weight loss.

Yet a lot of people still ask me…

What is Natural Weight Loss?

Here’s what I tell them:

Look, you have two choices when it comes to losing weight.

1. Try To Lose Weight The Easy Way

This is what millions of Americans do when they try to lose weight. They go on a fad diet, buy some kind of machine that works out your abs with you doing no work, or take some diet pill that will force our body to lose weight fast…

And when those don’t work, many people resort to even more extreme measures like liposuction, lap band surgery, or gastric bypass surgery. They literally mutilate their bodies just to lose the weight and fat!

This is what I’m telling you – there is a better way. There is a healthier way. There is a NATURAL way to lose weight.

2. Lose Weight The Healthy Way

Losing weight the healthy way is all about what is NATURAL for your body.

You see, your body knows perfectly well how to be skinny and lean. It knows how to burn fat. It knows how to build muscle. How do I know your body knows all of that? Because it’s in your DNA! You’re human just like the rest of us and the potential is there for you to have a beautiful, healthy, amazingly gorgeous body.

But your body can’t do it alone – you need to help it. And that’s what I mean by natural weight loss – it’s giving your body exactly what it needs to do its job the best way. You see, when you feed your body what it wants, what it needs, what it craves for good nutrition, it will naturally begin to burn fat and build muscle especially when you combine it with a healthy amount of exercise.

What does a natural weight loss diet look like?

Eat lots of:




Do NOT consume:

Processed foods


Simple Carbohydrates

White Flour

White Sugar


That’s pretty much it. Everything else is up for grabs, and up for debate. Many will say you should go vegan and that’s the best way to lose weight. Cut out the meat as well as the dairy and that will help.

Well, I certainly agree that cutting out dairy will help you lose weight and I highly recommend NOT eating dairy. However, I’ve seen plenty of people lose weight while continuing to eat a modest amount of meats as long as they’re consuming a ton of fruits, veggies and berries.

On the other hand, I’ve seen people lose a massive amount of weight naturally using a vegan diet – with no meat at all. Many people will say you MUST eat lean proteins to lose weight. Others will say you MUST NOT eat meat to lose weight. I believe they’re both wrong, from my own experience, because I’ve seen people lose weight with both types of diets.

But the universal key to both diets is that they ate lots of fruits, vegetables and berries and cut out dairy entirely. If you just do those simple things, you will find that Natural Weight Loss is fun, easy and feels great!


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