Rihanna’s Workout Plan For Battleship

Rihanna’s Workout Plan For Battleship

The new movie Battleship just premiered on Friday and there is a lot of talk about Rihanna who stars in the film and how she gets in shape. When she walks down the red carpet at awards shows she is often seen in beautiful gowns that show a lot of skin.

A lady has got to have a great body to pull of this look, and Rihanna definitely pulls it off. Rihanna has a big part in the new action/alien flick “Battleship,” and although she is covered up with military fatigues in most of it she still rocks that hot body.

Rihanna Modeling Shot picture

Rihanna is known for her healthy fit physique.

So how does Rihanna stay slim and tone?

It’s no secret. She shares celebrity trainers with Lady Gaga. Personal trainer Harley Pasternak keeps Rihanna on a strict diet and exercise plan. Her main plan has her working out and eating 5 small meals a day.

Rihanna’s Battleship Workout

When she isn’t touring or busy shooting films, Rihanna does cardio like crazy. No less than 5 days of cardio workout. The treadmill is her best friend and gives her a great way to workout in private. When Rihanna is on tour she tends to workout a little less, since she gets plenty of cardio fitness with her dance routines on stage. During her busy times she slides back to about 25 minutes of exercise, 3 days a week. This way she isn’t overdoing it.

Rihanna Battleship Workout

Rihanna stars in the new movie Battleship.

As well as the treadmill, some of Rihanna’s other fitness moves include cycling, jumping jacks, jogging and jump roping.

Dancing is a great form of exercise, but Rihanna really only needs to follow a fitness routine to stay toned. It’s rumored that her trainer has said she has some great genes and doesn’t really have to worry that much about losing her size 2 figure. Even if you don’t have a natural size 2 figure, it doesn’t hurt to follow Rihanna’s plan of working out 5 days a week. Cardio workouts are great for heart health, and working up a sweat is a great way to dispel impurities from your skin.

Rihanna’s Diet Plan

Although it’s rumored that Rihanna sticks with low carb foods, meaning she passes on the white bread and white pasta, with her dedication fitness routine it is important that she gets enough energy foods. Her carbs come from healthier food options, like fruits and vegetables. She eats whole grains and lean meats. Rihanna would be likely to have some oatmeal with berries and some low-fat yogurt for breakfast. Salads for lunch and roasted chicken with steamed vegetables for dinner. Rihanna doesn’t eat red meat, and gets the iron she needs from other food options, like spinach.

Rihanna Workout Plan

One of Rihanna’s favorite snacks is popcorn. Air-popped popcorn without all that salt and butter is a healthy and tasty snack. Add some sea salt or other seasonings for flavor.

How You Can Look Like Rihanna

Dedicate yourself to your workout and make healthy choices when it comes to meals. Eating several small meals throughout the day can help you boost your metabolism and avoid overeating and also help keep you energized throughout the day. When hunger strikes pick healthy snacks, like carrot sticks or a banana.

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