Sarah Jessica Parker’s Hamptons Diet Plan

Fri, Sep 21, 2012

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Hamptons Diet Plan

While most of us think of the Hamptons as the beach playground of the rich and famous, it is also the name of a diet that several celebrities have tried, including Sarah Jessica Parker. She and the entire cast of Sex & The City tries this diet, not to mention Kate Hudson, who also tried it after her baby.

The Hamptons diet is a low carb diet that’s considered a variation of both the Mediterranean and Atkins diet, with a little bit of the South Beach diet thrown in.  It was created by Dr. Fred Prescatore, the medical director of the Atkins Center.

Sarah Jessica Parker picture

Sarah Jessica Parker follows the Hamptons diet.

In his book The Hamptons Diet, he outlines how to lose weight quickly and safely by following a diet that is so healthy – it could be followed for life.  Whether you’re trying to lose baby weight or just want to get a toned, lean body like Sarah Jessica, here is how to get there with the Hamptons diet.

How The Hamptons Diet Works

Sarah Jessica was one of the first celebrities to try the Hamptons diet, and the results she saw were quite significant. The low carb aspect of this diet has long been known to be an effective way to lose weight, with the Atkins diet being one of the main diets to promote this way of eating.

And while many people disagree if eating this way is healthy long-term is a good idea, no one can deny this is one of the main reasons why the Hamptons diet works. By eating minimal carbs, and only eating complex carbohydrates (no white bread, pasta) Sarah Jessica Parker was able to drop 15 pounds.

The Hamptons Diet also worked for Sarah because she completely eradicated all processed foods from her diet. Cutting processed foods, which can contain extra calories and saturated fats, is one of the easiest ways to lose weight. The diet also had her eat foods in their more natural form, such as raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and fish.

The Hamptons Diet also had Sarah completely with remove all types of cooking oils from her diet, including all of oil, except for Macadamia oil. Macadamia oil is considered a good fat, especially for the arteries. Sarah used Macadamia oil imported from Australia when cooking all of her meals.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Diet

To follow the Hamptons diet, Sarah had to follow a strict set of rules. In the book, there are 10 rules of the diet, which are as follows: Only use Macadamia oil when cooking, avoid white sugar and saccharine, avoid hydrogenated food, don’t need simple carbs like white bread, pasta and rice, don’t eat sunflower or corn oil, eat lots of fish containing Omega-3 (salmon and sardines were a common item in Sarah’s meals).

She also ate only nuts when she snacked, any cereal she consumed was whole-meal, she avoided fruits high in sugar like bananas and drank alcohol in moderation, drinking up to 4 glasses of wine a week.  Sarah also cut all animal protein, except fish, as well as margarine, butter, fried foods, potatoes, tomatoes and peas.

Sarah Jessica Parker Diet picture

Sarah posing for a photo shoot.

A typical meal plan for Sarah when she was on the Hamptons diet included a scrambled egg for breakfast with a slice of wholemeale bread with no fat cheese.  Lunch was roast beef with the lettuce salad, and a mandarin, and dinner would be a salad of grilled zucchini, mushrooms, and spinach, served with a grilled fish filet or baked lobster.

Don’t forget Sarah also did plenty of exercise when doing this low carb diet which is important when following any diet plan.

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