Should There Be a Baby Formula Recall? Yes!

Recall the Baby Formulas

"Baby Formula Recall?"

Baby Formula Recall

It was just announced that a fourth infant has been infected with Cronobacter bacteria from contaminated baby formulas. Two of the babies, one in Missouri and one from Florida, died due to the infection from the baby formula. Supposedly, there’s no evidence that the cases of Cronobacter infection are related say federal health authorities… except for the fact that all the bacteria came from baby formula.

Cronobacter can cause severe infections and inflammation of the membranes that cover the brain. Cronobacter infections are fatal in about 40% of cases, according to the CDC. Even babies that survive are often left with sever neurological problems.

Symptoms of Cronobacter infection often start with fever, poor feeding, crying or listlessness.┬áThe bacteria can multiply quickly once the powdered infant formula is mixed with water, so don’t leave it sitting out for long periods of time. Always make a fresh batch.

Of course, breast feeding is highly recommended, but only 25% of babies in the United States are breastfed, leaving the majority of babies at risk of infection.

CNN reports,

“Based on test results to date, there is no need for a recall of infant formula and parents may continue to use powdered infant formula, following the manufacturer’s directions on the printed label,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration said in a joint update.

For those of you who are not familiar with how baby formula manufacturing works, it’s currently impossible to create a sterile infant formula. Or, at least, there are no baby formulas on the market in the U.S. that are sterile. Which means all of them are potentially contaminated with various bacteria, including the Cronobacter that caused the latest infant food poisonings.

So what the CDC and FDA are saying is that you should sterilize your infant formula. Generally, boiling it would be the easiest way to sterilize it.

Wal-Mart, as proactive as ever, actually recalled the baby formula from the same lot numbers that caused the Cronobacter infection in Missouri earlier this month.

What’s Actually In Baby Formulas?

Most baby formulas are made with genetically modified corn and soy and contain little nutritional value. Of course, there’s no way man will ever be able to mimic mother’s milk, but we can sure do a heck of a lot better than we are. Most infant formulas are essentially just toxic foods with the genetically modified corn syrup solids and processed grains put into powdered baby formulas.

Should There Be a Baby Formula Recall?

I believe there should be a baby formula recall. Why are we feeding are babies toxic, unsterile, contaminated corn syrup solids instead of real food?

I know, I know, there have only been 12 cases of Cronobacter infection reported this year. But that’s 12 babies lives that have been changed due to neurological damage or ended early due to the infections.

This is America – we can do better. We need a better baby formula.

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