Simple Tips on How to Overcome Depression

Sun, Jan 13, 2013


depressionDepression is a condition wherein it affects us physically, mentally and emotionally. It is characterized by sadness, loneliness, feeling of doing nothing, weakness, and despair. This condition may be triggered by a traumatic event, failure or disappointment. But not all people who experience these situation experiences depression. There are just some people who are very weak to accept things.

I have families, friends and loved ones who undergone depression and according to them, it is not a very good situation. It is like that you really want to be good but your mind and emotions cannot handle it. In this article, I’ am giving simple tips on how you can overcome depression. These may be simple but I hope that these will help you a lot. You can also share it to your families, friends and loved ones. Surely, these will be a great help.

1. Explore the sun and enjoy the sunshine

Researchers showed that a decrease in exposure to sunlight have a greater tendency for depression since lack of exposure to sun can lead to secretion of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that is responsible for lethargic condition and it can lead us to our lowest mood.

That is mainly why there is an increase rate of depression most especially during winter season. There is also an increase rate of suicide during this season because they are just there indoor. So, to avoid depression, enjoy the sun as much as possible because it is healthy for you.

2. Be busy and inspired at all times.

It is very helpful that you get yourself busy and inspired so that you will not focus on your problems and worries. In this way, you can avoid depression.

Do the things also that you love and like. If you find this too expensive, enjoy the simple things instead. Simple things such as inviting your friends over your house and have a slumber party, stroll in the park, or bring your families to the beach during the weekend. You don’t need to pay a great amount of cash to be happy.

3. Have a break.

Even how busy we are, we really have to need a quick break like listening to a relaxing music, having a soothing bath or go to a spa. I know you deserve to treat yourself. If having fun means shopping and buying clothes, go on and enjoy.

4. Eat healthy foods and exercise regularly

Eating the right foods and staying fit may decrease the incidence of depression. Just avoid foods very high in sugar and caffeine because they are stimulants. They will give you temporary alertness and energy but after a few hours, they will give you anxiety and exhaustion.

Alcohol is also a depressant that is why it is a very wrong notion to drink if you have problems because it will just worsen the situation.

Having a regular exercise is a stress buster. It will allow your body to produce happy hormones such as endorphins.

5. Have a social life

Having a social life is very important. Make sure that once a week you have to meet your friends and hang out. Life must be in a balance. You cannot live if it purely work alone.

” Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming of it.” 

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