Super Foods That Help Get Rid Of Bloating

Tired of feeling bloated? If you’ve ever felt bloated, these foods will help you get rid of it in a jiffy!

Bloating pictureYou have surely read our blog posts about foods with good bacteria for your gut and foods that can cause digestion problems, and if you haven’t then you should!

In this particular post you will learn a little bit about what foods cause bloat and what foods can help combat bloating. There is nothing worse than getting all dressed up and having your bloated tummy poking out. So what can you do to make sure your stomach is acting prim and proper and feeling good?

Foods That Cause Bloating

Food intolerance can cause bloat. If you suffer from lactose intolerance or Celiac disease your stomach finds it hard to process certain foods. The extra work the stomach has to do can cause bloat. GI (Gastrointestinal) conditions can also cause gas and bloating. Examples are IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and Crohn’s disease. Even some medications you may be on could be causing your bloating. Pain killers with codeine and some diabetes medications are major culprits when it comes to medication induced bloat. Bloat can also be caused by stress. Stress make some people smoke and others eat, which can both lead to a bloated belly.

Then there are the foods that cause bloating for most people. You already learned that dairy products and wheat products can cause people with a food intolerance to get bloat, but there are some foods that can cause almost anyone to feel those same effects.

Processed table salt is bad for many health reasons, and it can also cause bloating. Salt causes water to build up in your body. Fatty foods like pizza and burgers are often scarfed down too fast and then sit in your stomach for too long because they are hard to digest. This period of waiting causes bloating. Starchy foods, like potatoes and breads, are also hard to breakdown. One bloat inducer that too many people rely on each day are carbonated beverages. Your soda and beer bubble in your glass, and they continue bubbling in your stomach.

If you have big plans and don’t want a big belly, here are some great bloat free food suggestions. But remember, also avoid the foods mentioned above.

Foods That Help Get Rid Of Bloating

Fiber is known to help move food through the digestive system and it helps reduce bloating, but you must eat fiber in moderation. Too much fiber will have the complete opposite effect and you will still be bloated and miserable, especially if you’re not drinking enough water.

picture of asparagusThe best vegetable for bloat free living is asparagus. Well cooked asparagus is easy to digest and helps counter water retention. But most any vegetables are always a good, healthy meal choice. Bananas should be your bloat free fruit of choice. The potassium in the banana helps flush sodium out of the body. Fish and chicken are bloat free, unlike red meats.

Lastly, try eating some yogurt. The live cultures in this miracle food decreases the time it takes food to move through the digestive tract.

Other Healthy Tips For Bloating

Always eat slowly!

Chewing more and chewing longer help your saliva break down the food much more quickly so you can digest it quicker and easier once it gets to the stomach and intestines.

Don’t overeat.

Overeating can cause bloating because your body can’t digest too much food all at once. So don’t gorge yourself! It takes 15 to 30 minutes for the satiety center in your brain to tell you you’re full! So eat slower and don’t overeat to avoid bloating.

Avoid Gum And Hard Candies

Stop chewing gum and sucking on hard candies. They can cause bloating too!

If you do feel the bloat coming on then take a nice long walk to help reduce the water your body is retaining. Sip on water to help move those bloat inducing foods along and make sure to get some healthy probiotics for better gut and digestive health!




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  1. Adam Says:

    Avoiding fizzy drinks, alcohol and apples can also reduce bloating. Apples contain pectin fibre which can cause bloating in some people at first. Certain herbs and teas are also said to help.

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