The Celebrity Obsession With Weight Watchers

The Celebrity Obsession With Weight Watchers

Every day you see the commercials on television and hear the commercials on the radio. It isn’t just Weight Watchers either. Celebs flock to Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem too.

But are they endorsing these weight loss companies because they are getting paid to, or do they really work? I am not sure there is really any way for us to know. I think a lot of their weight loss probably comes from the money they have to pay trainers to get them fit!

Weight Watchers

These guys say they aren’t a diet, they are a healthy lifestyle. Weight Watchers uses a point system that tells you how much you can eat each day, or each meal. Based on science, this program teaches the people who get on it how to make healthier meal choices. The catch? You can learn how to make healthier meal choices on your own, without paying monthly or weekly fees.

picture of Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Program

Jennifer Hudson loves Weight Watchers!

There have been many celebrity endorsers for Weight Watchers over the years, Jennifer Hudson being their current one. Jenny McCarthy and Sarah Ferguson are a couple former Weight Watcher celebs.

Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig works by, well, only people who have gone through Jenny Craig’s system know this because it’s a secret on their website. Upon some research it seems that they have a three level plan for people to lose weight. First they teach you how to eat the foods you love, in smaller portions, but eating frequently throughout the day. The next step gets you moving in order to increase your energy. Then the third step put the first two steps together to teach you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Simple enough, and a good concept. But again, something you can learn on your own without paying fees.

picture of Valerie Bertinelli Weight Loss Program

Valerie Bertinelli swears by Jenny Craig's weight loss program.

Valerie Bertinelli is Jenny Craig’s current face and hot body. Former Jenny Craig’s endorsers include Mariah Carey, Sara Rue, Kirstie Alley and Carrie Fisher.


Nutrisystem boasts different weight loss plans for both men and women. This is that mail order meal plan, that some naysayers claim the food tastes like cardboard. This plan uses the science of the Glycemic Index to help you lose weight. In layman’s terms, this diet uses foods with a low GI to aid in weight loss because they are digested slower, which cause less of a fluctuation in blood sugar levels.

Look up the GI numbers for foods to form your own healthy weight loss plan that doesn’t cost “as low as $2 per meal.” Some of the best foods are asparagus, broccoli, celery, cauliflower and cucumbers- get the idea? Eat your veggies!

picture of Janet Jackson Weight Loss Program

Janet Jackson loves Nutrisystem's weight loss system.

Janet Jackson is the face of Nutrisystem, with Terry Bradshaw as the man behind the men’s plan. One famous former Nutrisystem spokesperson is Marie Osmond.

Do It Yourself

It is likely that these weight loss programs really do work. But why not just teach yourself to eat healthier, workout daily and make better health conscious decisions. Do this by eating mostly vegetables, and finishing meals of with whole grains, low-fat dairy and lean meats. Snack on fruits and vegetables.

Don’t stop eating the foods you love, like cake, but instead limit how often and how much of it you eat. Fit in fitness any way that you can. If you are too busy for a workout, chase your kids or park farther away from work for some instant physical activity that counts as exercise!

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4 Comments For This Post

  1. jan Says:

    I can’t speak for Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem, but I can speak for Weight Watchers as I attended for 2 1/2 years. What you seriously underestimate with WW is not only the knowledge and advice but the fantastic support from the leaders and other people who attend the meetings, also the fact that you have to weigh in once a week helps to keep you on track. A lot of people after spending years in a nutritional muddle because of all the guff that came out in the 70s and 80s about low fat dieting and 50,000 different diets to live by just lose track of what a “normal” diet is. Plus for people who have dieted for years and years, there is a massive psychological hurdle – the one that tells you NO! you can’t have that or if you eat a treat you have “broken your diet”. Losing weight is a lot more than just cutting back and cutting out the treat foods it’s jumping those psychological hurdles as well.

    I pretty much knew what I should and shouldn’t be eating, but what WW did for me was take away the guilt when I had a treat and get me back to eating correct proportion sizes and getting back in touch with those “full” signals. When you have a great emotional relationship with food, the rest pretty much falls into place and the vast majority of us can’t do that on our own.

  2. Tom Corson-Knowles Says:

    Hey Jan,

    Thanks for your great comment! I definitely agree with you that there are some huge benefits of being part of a group of people who are all in the same place and trying to lose weight. Humans are very social and we tend to do what people around us are doing so when you join a group like Weight Watchers, if you hang around those people long enough, it makes it a lot easier to make those important changes like learning how to eat good portion sizes. It’s also a lot easier to jump over those psychological hurdles when you have the support of others as well.

  3. thomas Says:

    everyone should want to be healthy not just skinny. with a good diet and a supplement you can achieve your weight loss goals.

  4. Tom Corson-Knowles Says:

    Thanks Thomas! You’re right – setting your goal to be healthy is so key. Sacrificing your health just to lose weight doesn’t work so well in the long run.

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