Tips on How to Maintain a Healthy, White Teeth

Mon, Jan 14, 2013


Tips on How to Maintain a Healthy, White Teeth

Healthy teeth

Having a good, healthy and white skin is very important. It is one of the asset we can be proud of. But, we really have to remember that one of the dirtiest part of our body is also the mouth because foods passed through there and bacteria accumulate over time if we do not have a regular oral hygiene. More info as to how you should take care of your oral health can prevent you from visiting your dentist too often.

There are a lot of serious effects if you will not take care of your teeth. It will cause you to have dental problems such as cavities and gum problems which will lead to bad breath and bad odor. This is so disappointing right? So, don’t ever take your dental health for granted.

Read here how preventing gum problems is not much of a difficult task. A bit of precaution and healthy habit is all you need to combat gum issues.

In this article, I will share with you some simple tips on how to maintain your dental health:

  • Spend time in brushing your teeth

I know that we are all in  a hurry to go to work but sometimes we have to surrender even a small time in brushing our teeth. The dentist would recommend to brush teeth in a minimum of 2 minutes. In this span of time, you would be able to brush the whole parts of your teeth, gums and your tongue. If you are too tired and lazy to brush your teeth, you could also use an electric toothbrush. This toothbrush will do the job for you. In children’s cases, they are more interested in it and same with adults.

  • Use of Green tea

Aside from its anti-oxidant properties, green tea also used found by researchers that is extremely essential for the whitening of the teeth. This tea has a natural fluoride in it too that will help make our teeth strong.  You also have heard that coffee and tea could make a discoloration of our teeth, yes it is true but you also have an alternative by taking green tea capsule. This is very affordable, can save much of your time and it has a lot of benefits to your health.

  • Don’t smoke as much as possible

Smoking cigarettes and tobacco can make your teeth turn to yellow. It is not good to look at and it is not good for your health as well. Smoking tobacco or cigarette will cause you no good so it’s better to quit. But if it is impossible for you to quit, try to taper it down day by day. And you will be amazed one day that you were not smoking already. You can then get a complete oral clean up from and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Our friends at and Finest Dentistry remind you that maintaining a good dental hygiene is not just about looking good and looking presentable. Yes, It is one if the factor. But the main reason is that you are taking care of your whole body and that includes your dental health.

I do hope this article helps you a lot. Some may disregard this item but I hope you know realize how important to have a good, healthy and white teeth. You can also share this with your friends, relatives, family members and loved ones, For sure, this will be very helpful for them.

“Smile, it lets your teeth breathe.”

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