Top 3 Ways to Stay Fit And Healthy At Work

Mon, Aug 13, 2012


Top 3 Ways to Stay Fit And Healthy At Work

Keeping fit is a challenge, but keeping fit when your job has you sitting at a desk a good part of 8 hours a day can seem quite nearly impossible. Sure, there are some truly dedicated individuals who manage to hit the gym every day after work and who can walk around shirtless on the beach with pride. But these people seem to be the exception rather than the rule.

For most of us, we’re just happy if we can get home and spend a little time with our families before we pass out in bed and rest up for the next day of work. Unfortunately, this rather sedentary routine not only affects the way your body looks in a swimsuit, it also affects your overall health.

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Those who have to sit still for long periods and do not engage in much physical activity are at a greater risk of contracting a number of medical afflictions, including heart and circulatory diseases and bone conditions.

So how can you change this? You still need to work for that amount of time and getting in enough gym time is probably not impossible, but it would take away from your already limited family and personal time. Well here are three great tips that can help you to stay fit and not have to cut back on hours or take time off from work.

Change How You Get To Work

People have probably heard this one before, but it’s worth mentioning again: walking or cycling to work is one of the best ways to not only burn some extra calories but save on gas and protect the environment, as well. It’s understandable that most people don’t live that close to their work places, but even those who do live within walking or biking distance rarely take advantage of this fact.

Part of the problem is that a lot of people feel they are too tired to do that kind of exercise in the morning. However, once you actually start a walking or cycling routine in the morning, you’ll realize that not only do you feel more alert and active when you get to work, but that energy boost will stay with you throughout the day.

If the reason you’re not biking to work is because you don’t own a bicycle, then it might help to know that the government in many cities have “Bike to Work” incentive programs that help you to buy a bicycle at a discounted price.

Change Your Snacking and Lunching Habits

Another huge contributor to overweight office workers is the unhealthy snacking and lunching habits many of us have. Quick, prepackaged foods are so convenient and the addiction to junk food can be hard to break. However, these foods aren’t doing us much good aside from a quick fix for hunger.

Many of us don’t even eat because we’re legitimately hungry; often times our snacking is due to boredom more than anything else. Stopping yourself before grabbing a snack and thinking about whether you are hungry or just bored can actually help you to make the distinction and cut down your unnecessary snacking, significantly.

Another thing that you can do to help cut empty calories from your diet is to bring your own lunch and snacks. Sure, it takes a little extra effort to do this the night before, but by packing a healthy lunch and some good snacks, you not only save your health, but money as well.

Most vending machine snacks provided in the work place are overpriced and totally unhealthy. By packing healthy snacks like fruits, veggies, nuts or whole-grains, you’ll be able to save money and you’ll also feel full longer and reduce the amount of snacks you need each day.

Squeeze in Some Office Exercise

And then of course, there is the office exercise routine. You may balk at these suggestions at first, but these little things can keep you from descending into “fat guy” status in the work place.

There are many simple things you can do when you’re at your desk or around the workplace that can help keep your body moving even though you have to sit down most of the day. You could –

–          Take the stairs instead of the elevator

–          Do tricep dips on the edge of your desk or the arms of your office chair (just as long as it doesn’t swivel or have wheels)

–          Get up and walk around when your on the phone

–          Or do sitting knee raises when you’re talking on the phone

–          Do squats when you’re waiting for the photocopy machine

–          Stretch your back regularly and make sure that your sitting posture is correct


And there are many other little things you can do throughout the work day to ensure that you are staying active enough and keeping as fit as you can be. You may still want to do a real work out a few times a week, but these little tips can help you to break up those long stretches of inactivity and keep you looking and feeling much better.

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