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Sat, Mar 3, 2012

Nutrition Blogs

A Look at Great Health and Nutrition Blogs Around the Web

I am often my own inspiration, and I am also usually inspired by life itself. But sometimes I need extra inspiration, and sometimes I need advice that I just don’t feel comfortable giving to myself. Even the most knowledgeable and the most wise seek enlightenment and information and coaching from other experts in their field. Even Tiger Woods has several golf coaches!

That’s why one blog is just never enough for me. One blog can never fully cover all of the aspects of health, wellness, fitness, nutrition and diet. That is why I am going to share with you 5 other blogs that I have found interesting, helpful, delightful and motivation.

1. Healthy Fellow- Your Natural Health Critic

The Healthy Fellow blog is run by a natural health consultant. Like most health and wellness blogs, this blog is attached to the Healthy Fellow’s general website where you can get consultations from him on your own health and well-being.

Why I like this blog?

For one thing, the Healthy Fellow talks about everything. Men’s health, women’s health and children’s health are all covered. He also delves into alternative therapies, dental health, detox and so much more. Healthy Fellow also does interviews with other health and wellness professionals.

2. Underground Wellness

Underground Wellness was founded by Sean Croxton, who is a certified trainer with a Bachelor degree in Kinesiology. Like most of us with an interest in health and wellness, Croxton has continued with his own education through a myriad of books and self-learning.

Why I like this blog?

Croxton delves into the dirt on diets. He tells it how he sees it and doesn’t hold back. I love that everyone is allowed their own opinions in the virtual world, and when I get to read other people’s opinion it better helps me form my own. UW includes some great videos too.

3. Good Health and Wellness Blog

This wonderful blog is hosted by Ira Marxe and is sponsored by Good Health Supplements. It is an homage to great health and wellness without prescriptions. Marxe learned the hard way that prescription medication can sometimes cause more harm than they help. He also learned, through his own medical issue, how things like vitamins and minerals can help heal the body.

Why I like this blog?

Although I believe that health and wellness can be achieved not by taking supplements, as the premise of this site would suggest, but by eating nutritiously, I do find this a helpful blog. You can find some great info on FDA regulations, GMO’s and much more on the handy little blog.

4. Nerd Fitness- Level Up Your Life, Every Single Day

Nerd Fitness was created by Steve Kamb. Kamb is a fitness fan, but not an expert. He’s just a regular Joe that like to exercise, according to his website.

Why do I like this blog?

Because secretly I’m a nerd too! And his blog is all from a layman’s perspective. Not everyone wants an expert to tell them what to do. Not everyone wants to hear from a trained professional. Sometimes you just want someone like you to tell you what to do or give you some tips. The site talks mostly about fitness, but offers support and some interesting recipes.

5. Fit Jerk

Fit Jerk allows no excuses. Fit Jerk is a trainer who gets results and this blog gives you tips on how to get results for yourself. It boasts no gadgets, no excuses, no whining, just results. What some would call a person being a jerk, others would see is just someone that wants you to be a success.

Why do I like this blog?

Fit Jerk doesn’t sugar coat it. He tells it like it is. If you need to lose weight and haven’t been able to succeed on your own then you really need to read some of these blog posts. If you stop making up excuses and just start striving for what you want to do you will succeed. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose weight, find a new job or eat healthier.

These are just five blogs that I have come across in my time perusing the web. There are many great blogs out there by many great and creative people. Just because they aren’t backed by some famous person or popular product doesn’t mean you can’t learn something really valuable from them.

6. Rebecca Scritchfield

Rebecca is a registered dietitian who is passionate about healthy eating and helping people lose weight the healthy way! She updates her blog regularly with inspiring and informative posts that are chock-full of awesome pictures and easily accessible nutrition advice.

7. Nutrition Unplugged

Nutrition Unplugged is one of those blogs that you can get lost in for hours… or even days! There are hundreds of amazing, beautiful and inspiring posts on everything from healthy eating to nutrition to delicious, mouthwatering recipes. This is one blog I know I can always go to to get inspired and learn some new ways of thinking about health and healthy eating.

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