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Wed, Dec 26, 2012

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In today’s show, I interviewd Donna and Tora, weight control experts. Donna and Tora share the keys to maintaining a healthy weight, a beautiful body and loads of energy – it’s all about your habits! Healthy lifestyle habits are the key to success when it comes to your weight and ideal body design. Are your habits supporting your health goals or getting in the way?

If you’re like most of us, your habits are probably keeping you stuck where you are! That means it’s time for some new “Hot Healthy Habits” as Donna says.

weight control

Losing weight is as simple as changing your habits! Simple but not necessarily easy.

First, you should eat regular meals. Skipping meals is a dangerous habit and people who skip breakfast tend to gain MORE weight than those who eat breakfast.

Another trick is to attach habits together. Let’s say you drink a soda every night while you watch TV. You can attach a new habit to your habit of watching TV by simply brewing a pot of green tea and drinking that when you watch TV instead of the coke.

They also mention that it’s important to acknowledge yourself for creating a habit. YOU are in control of your habits! No one put a gun to your head and made you eat that cake or drink that big gulp! It’s up to you to change your habits – if you can create a bad habit, you can just as easily create a good habit and replace it.

Donna and Tora also share some more amazing tips including keeping a checklist/diary and using the special “Crowd Out Technique” for blasting away bad habits for good. Watch the interview below to learn how!

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In the interview, Donna and Tora mention:

A great book on changing habits! It’s called Switch: How To Change When Change Is Hard

Donna and Tora both have a book coming out next year… stay tuned!!

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