What everybody should know about diet pills

Sun, Nov 25, 2012

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What everybody should know about diet pills
diet pills

Be careful of what you drink.

Before starting any supplement, make it a habit to know everything about the drug most especially the side effects for you not to have problems in the future. There are many diet pills in the market now and we should be aware of its different kinds, uses, side effects and most especially hot it may affect our whole body system.

Diet pills could be categories in three sub types:

  • Diet pills that could speed up our metabolism in the body. These are pills that usually burn calories in a faster pace and example of which are “fat burners”. Fat burners has 2 types also, the one that stimulate your heart rate and the one that make use of the chemicals in your feed that helps in your body’s metabolism.

–          Sometimes our metabolism is very slow because of our sedentary lifestyle, our diet and some are just the normal speed of our body.

  • Diet pills that block the absorption of fats. Example is “fat binders”.
  • Diet pills that suppress or decrease your appetite such as “appetite suppressants”.

Now that you are aware of the different types of diet pills, here are the side effects that we should be aware of:

Side effects of Fat Burners:

Fat burners contain 2 chemicals that could lead to severe complications if taken in large amounts: caffeine and ephedrine.

Caffeine once taken in large doses will make your heart palpitate and a constant palpitations of the heart may alter its normal rhythm and may have a negative effect. Even people drinking coffee don’t feel good if they drank too much of it how much more it is taken in large doses.

Caffeine together with ephedrine will obviously increase the effect and the symptoms would include jittery, light headed, worst headache that would lead to a seizure.

Side effects of Fat Binders:

Fat Burners considered as the most effective among the 3 categories but they also have most severe adverse effects and complications.

Side effects are stomach cramps and irregular bowel habits that may lead to soiling which is very difficult.

Side effects of Appetite Suppressants:

Anti- suppressants work by making you less hungry in order for you not to eat all the time and may contribute to weight loss. Although this may be quite effective, but then there are still side effects that we cannot avoid.

Since you are not eating all the time because of the effect of the appetite suppressant, side effects would always be gastric ulcer which could lead to bleeding which is a serious complication.

Knowing the categories and side effects of diet pills are very important because it will help you aware of its negative effects and how it could affect the body in a more toxic way. If in the future you want to use it, at least you already have an idea of what to expect and you can stop it immediately if these conditions may occur.

However, natural weight loss will still be the option because it provides a healthier way to lose weight and it has no negative side effects.

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