Why exercise is also essential for children?

Sun, Jan 13, 2013

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Why exercise is also essential for children?


Exercise is a very important habit we should all maintain. Not just for adults but for children as well. It also caters so much benefit most especially to health status because nowadays there is an increase obesity rate among children so exercise would be a great help.

In today’s generation, children are focused on technologies such as playing video games, iPods, iPads, computer games and social media. It seems that exercise is not in their interest. That is why as a parent, we should be the one to impose exercise in their daily regimen.

What advantages exercise can give to our children?

  • Longer life

Researchers proved that exercise can increase their children’s life expectancy. As a parent, we should also present or offer a creative way of exercise for them also to enjoy. Like in the form of cartoon series or anything that can catch their attention. For sure every parent wants their child to live longer.

  • Weight control or weight management

Exercising on a regular basis can help in weight management. And as I have mentioned above, obesity rates among children are increasing day by day.  We all know that obesity can be linked to so many health conditions and problems. So, exercise is really a great help.

It may be simple or heavy, it would be still exercise. So, as a parent, it is our responsibility on how we could let our children involve to our daily chores so that they may consider it as exercise like gardening, picking up trash and putting it in the trash bins, and even watering the plants. Surely, they will enjoy it.

  • Improves Cardiovascular Health

It is a wrong notion that if your children are young, they will not suffer any cardiovascular problems. Actually, a lot of children suffer from a heart attack because parents are so complacent that they are still safe. So, as early as now, impose exercise to their daily regimen. It would help them burn their fats and may help control obesity and other cardiovascular health.

  • Good future

Setting good future for our children would also include that they have a good health and having a good health starts on a good exercise. If our children have a good heart and a good health surely, they would have a good future that awaits them. Compared to other children who are obese and have health problems, their future would be vague.

I hope these few tips would help your children have a better health by imposing them to consider exercise on their everyday life. In this way, you could also practice your role as a parent and how to be responsible. When your children will grow healthy, you can already say to yourself that you have done your part and it is very self fulfilling. I hope as early as now, you would impose exercise so that you may have no regrets at the end and you may enjoy quality life to your kids as well.

“You have to love your children unselfishly. That is hard. But it is the only way.”

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