Why Madonna Eats A Macrobiotic Diet For Weight Loss

Why Madonna Eats A Macrobiotic Diet For Weight Loss

Take one look at Madonna and you can see her diet regimen is working. The latest diet that Madonna has fallen in love with is the macrobiotic diet, a low-fat, low-protein diet that is essentially vegetarian.

This diet firmly believes that the food you eat has a dramatic effect on your health, well-being and overall happiness. No processed foods, no meat or dairy, as well as enjoying the cooking and eating process are some of the main components of this diet.

Madonna Diet image

Madonna loves the macriobiotic diet because it helps her maintain her great physique.

Madonna’s Macrobiotic Diet

The macrobiotic diet regimen involves eating large amounts of grains, combined with local food items (vegetables and beans). The theory behind the diet is that the food you’re consuming is rich in “good” bacteria, which will counterbalance the copious amounts of bad bacteria that usually exists in the gut. To help her in her quest to balance her body’s good and bad bacteria, Madonna hired personal chef Mayumi Nishimura, who before working for Madonna cooked for cancer patients.

Nishimura believes that the diet works because the whole grains and fiber act as a fertilizer to the good bacteria in the bowel. With 10 times as many bacteria in the human intestinal tract as there are cells in the body, no wonder this is a good thing.

And the benefits of the diet are more than just losing weight. Those who follow the diet feel more energy (they usually wake up earlier) and feel more clear of mind. The diet has also been known to improve certain allergies and even prevent some cancers. The diet strives to balance the intake of the “yin” and “yang” through food.

Following A Macrobiotic Diet

The staples of this diet are eating locally grown whole grain cereals, legumes, vegetables, seaweed, fermented soy products (like Kambucha) and fruit and vegetables. A typical macrobiotic meal consists of either brown rice combined with raw or slightly cooked vegetables, as well as the protein source, such as fish, nuts or seeds.

Madonna Picture

Want to look like Madonna? Maybe the macrobiotic diet can help!

When you look at what the specific percentages are when it comes to what this diet recommends, whole grains are the first food item recommended at 50 to 60% for your daily consumption. 25 to 30% of your diet should be vegetables, 5 to 20% should be protein (but only fish, nuts or seeds) and beans should be consumed 5 to 10% every day. Soup is also recommended as part of this diet, with 1 to 2 cups per day recommended.

Overall, this diet can be highly effective, and at 53, Madonna looks fabulous (so you know she must be on to something).

What About Protein?

Most people think a vegetarian diet makes it hard to eat enough protein, but that’s not true! Grains, nuts and seeds are loaded with protein and most vegetables have a good amount of protein too. You only need 10% of your diet to be protein and the average American eats closer to 25% – way more than is necessary for good health (maybe that’s why so many people are overweight now?)

The Macrobiotic Diet

The diet also advises against consuming Nightshade vegetables, which include tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplant, spinach, beets and avocados. The diet advises against these types because it believes that these foods have a high degree of solanine, which many believe effects that calcium balance in the body.

Madonna Workout picture

Madonna also works out on a regular basis to keep healthy and fit.

When it comes to beverages, twig tea or water are recommended. You should also avoid coffee, any other type of caffeinated beverage, alcohol, chocolate, any foods that contain refined flour, hot spices and most dairy products. For those who are already unable to consume dairy, this is an easier diet to follow than most, making it a win-win for many.

It looks like the world of “probiotics” diets are here to stay thanks to Madonna.

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